Freestyle Kick Timing Techniques To Improve Long-Distance Swim Speed & Stamina

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Participating in a triathlon alone is commendable. Finishing one is a feat only few achieve. So when it comes to crossing that finish line, the only one you should be competing with is yourself. This is what the SWIMVICE Community’s Kickstart Program works towards. Ensuring you do your personal best, one step at a time. It’s about coaching you through swimming techniques that save energy and improve stamina. This way, you are able to perform better from start to finish, even past the swimming leg of the race. Our Kickstart Program demonstrates how to execute various freestyle swimming techniques effectively. When put into practice, it allows swimmers to time their kicks correctly for more efficient strokes. Ultimately, you will see improved speed and stamina, especially when it comes to long-distance swim events.

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In preparation for races such as the Ironman triathlon, where a grueling swim of at least 2.4 miles is just the first of 3 events, SWIMVICE Community’s latest program features swim training techniques that can prove impactful in conserving energy and maintaining speed. This will help you clock a better time for both the swim and the remaining legs. Our training course runs through, in great depth, effective freestyle swimming techniques for breathing, body positions, kick timing, and stroke cycle. By implementing these as part of your multi-event race strategy, you can maintain a good pace without draining excessive energy. SWIMVICE is headed by experienced swim coach Mandy Bradley, whose coaching methodology is extensively featured on our YouTube Channel.

Our digital courses offer swimmers structured plans centered around video demos, drills, and progressions. With over a hundred pieces of content already available on the SWIMVICE Community platform through monthly and yearly packages, more digital swim courses will be added regularly. This includes digital plans, swim challenges, scheduled live streams, online discussions, and other bonus features. Beginners, intermediate and experienced swimmers will all find useful resources on the SWIMVICE Community platform, where you can brush up on fundamentals as well as advanced techniques to improve your breaststroke, breathing, water-treading, and freestyle speed. Under the SWIMVICE brand, the California-based company also offers private coaching sessions in the San Francisco Bay Area, for athletes that are aiming to achieve more specific training goals.

A spokesperson for the company stated: “Swimmers do not need an advanced skillset to start feeling immediate benefits, because this digital platform is specifically designed to work for each individual’s skill level and pace of learning.” SWIMVICE Community’s swim training techniques show you how to work smarter. Our courses show you how implementing small changes in your freestyle swimming can show immediate benefits.

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