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SQL is used to search through a database store, which is a set of data files. The application of SQL is generally referred to as an RDBMS (Relational Database Management System). SQL is used in various business industries including technology, banking, retail, music and even medical sectors; it is very user-friendly, scalable and accessible. SQL is open-source, and has excellent community support. This masterclass from Infosectrain will teach you all about SQL, its installation, best practices, and Relational Database.

When: 06th -08th Sep 2022 08.00 -10.00 PM (IST)

Why attend:
SQL is the most highly prized skill due to its close relationship with technology. SQL is in demand from many leading technical and financial companies because of its strength and simplicity. Although SQL is mostly used to store and retrieve data from databases, it is capable of much more. SQL allows you to perform any database-related task. It is adaptable, rapid, and powerful while being available and economical to most businesses. This platform will be an amazing opportunity for the candidates interested in programming.

Agenda for the bootcamp
Relational Database & introduction to SQL
• Why use SQL?
• Why use MySQL?
• Introducing Databases
• Relational Database Fundamentals
• Comparing Databases and Spreadsheets
• Important Database Terminology
• The Concept of Relational Schemas: Primary Key
• The Concept of Relational Schemas: Foreign Key
• The Concept of Relational Schemas: Unique Key and Null Values
• The Concept of Relational Schemas: Relationships Between Tables

Installation & get to know MySQL
• Installing MySQL Workbench and Server
• Installing Visual C
• Installing MySQL on Windows, macOS and Unix systems
• The Client-Server Model
• Linking GUI with the MySQL Server
• Creating a New User and a New Connection to it
• Familiarize Yourself with the MySQL Interface
• SQL Fundamentals – MySQL Session and Databases

Best SQL Practices
• Coding Tips and Best Practices

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