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Free Live Webinar Q&A Session for CompTIA Security

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What: InfoSec Train, a leading IT training and upskilling provider in cybersecurity, cloud computing and programming, is geared to offer a free webinar in the form of a Q&A session in CompTIA Security+, one of the leading global cybersecurity certifications. Attendees will be able to get their doubts cleared and questions answered about the new CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 certification updates.

The CompTIA Security+ certification is designed to test the baseline knowledge and technical skills that are required by cybersecurity professionals. Candidates learn and gain expertise on the concepts like threats, attacks and vulnerabilities, risk mitigation concepts, how-to architecture of secure hybrid environments, Incident response and governance, etc.

Attendees will be able to understand your preparedness of this CompTIA Sec+ Q&A webinar and get a better understanding of its domains and concepts. The host is an industry expert with years of experience as a cybersecurity professional as well as trainer. InfoSec Train’s network of global alumni in cyber security and its expertise in training thousands of students across geographies speaks for its credibility and is an optimal choice when it comes to answering questions on CompTIA Security+ certification exam.

When: 23rd September, 2021 (Thursday) – 08:00 – 09:00 PM IST

Why Attend: This is an ideal opportunity for cybersecurity enthusiasts, job seekers and IT students to know about one of the most iconic and globally recognized baseline certifications in the domain of Information security. This Q&A session on CompTIA security+ SY0-601 certification will open the door to opportunities regardless of borders to the world of Information security.

Attendees will be able to seek answers to their queries and questions from an industry veteran while getting to know about all the recent updates and domain changes in the CompTIA Security+ certification exam. There will be detailed discussions on the security+ domains, top 10 exam questions and the concepts discussed in them as well as the security+ exam format.

Agenda of the Webinar

● Discussing about CompTIA Security+
● Security+ EXAM
● Security+ Domains
● Discussing 10 Exam Questions and the Concepts in them.
● Questionnaire

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About InfoSec Train:
InfoSecTrain is a leading provider of IT training and upskilling in the areas of cloud computing, cyber security, computing fundamentals, and programming. The training programs offered by InfoSecTrain are well-designed and optimised for a holistic approach to IT Training that effectively streamlines your learning process. InfoSecTrain is a trusted authorized partner of EC-Council, Microsoft, CompTIA, PECB, and Certnexus. It offers training programs for globally reputed certifications in the information security domain, including CISSP, CCSP, CEH, CCISO, and CompTIA Security+. Infosec Train’s team of certified and highly skilled trainers is committed to equipping professionals with the most in-demand skills required to stay ahead in the ever-changing job market.

To know more about training programs offers by Infosec Train:
Please write back to or call at IND: 1800-843-7890 (Toll Free) / US: +1 657-722-11127 / UK: +44 7451 208413

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