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Marketing nowadays requires great creativity to get and hold audiences’ attention. Booklets can form a key part of a strong marketing strategy. The best part is, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to create effective booklets. The simple to use booklet maker (https://fliphtml5.com/learning-center/8-best-free-booklet-makers-you-should-try-now-to-create-booklets-online/) from FlipHTML5 allows for in-house creation of professional-looking booklets quickly and easily. Users don’t need any technical or design expertise. Both creation and distribution are free.

Armed with a PDF version of the booklet they’d like to create, marketers can head to the FlipHTML5 website and upload it. The booklet maker will automatically convert the PDF to an interactive flipping booklet without the user writing a single line of code. from there, they can use the tools included in the booklet maker to make their booklet stand out. FlipHTML5 features templates, backgrounds, and themes to enhance the layout and appearance of booklets for any industry.

This booklet maker also allows users to include various multimedia in their booklets. Marketers can show off their brand in the best light with photo galleries, product videos, popups, and links to their website, online store, or other landing pages. All of this can be done in the online editor without downloading any software. Viewers will be more engaged and likely to purchase products.

Once the booklet is completed to the user’s satisfaction, they can upload it to the FlipHTML5 cloud for free storage. The booklet maker has a handy virtual bookcase for storing and displaying multiple booklets. Distribution is a breeze with this booklet maker. Easy sharing via URL or QR code is enabled; an embed code is also available to embed the booklet on websites and blogs. Offline distribution options like CD/DVD and USB are also offered.

FlipHTML5’s booklet maker offers advanced SEO options so the booklets can be easily found on search engines. And everyone knows the value of search engines. The booklets are optimized for reading on mobile devices as well as browsers. Marketers can reach their target audiences wherever they are. And it’s easy to share the booklets on social media.

“You have to be forward-thinking to be successful as a marketer and get your brand noticed,” says Jackie Peng, Customer Service of FlipHTML5. “Our booklet is a great way to do that.”

Get more information about the booklet maker on https://fliphtml5.com/

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