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Fasteners: An introduction and uses

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Fasteners are a broad category of tools that include screws, nuts, and bolts that have the same purpose: to mechanically hold objects together. Glue, for example, can serve this purpose, but glue is not a form of fastener. As a result, we need to expand our definition. Objects are mechanically held together by hardware fasteners.

Fasteners usually produce a non-permanent connection. In other words, if you use a fastener to link two components, you should be able to remove it without causing any damage to the separate portions. A welded junction, on the other hand, would not be the same.

Ananka Fasteners is a leading fastener manufacturer in India. We manufacture Nuts, Bolts, Stud Bolts, Screws, High tensile fasteners and other fastener materials of premium quality. The quality of our products is stringently evaluated at each stage of production, right from procuring the raw materials to delivering the final products.

The materials used in fasteners range from ordinary steel to titanium, aluminium, and even some specialised or exotic materials. In most cases, materials are classified into “grades.” This makes it easier to tell the difference in alloy mixes, material strength, and hardening procedures. Coatings and platings are used to improve the corrosion resistance of certain materials.

Uses of fasteners
Bags, straps, medical products, military and tactical things, pet collars and leashes, horse items, marine and diving items, firefighter supplies, and tent and awning applications all benefit from light-duty metal fasteners.

Nickel plating is common on light-duty metal fasteners, although other plating options, such as black, polypropylene, or military, are also common.

Heavy-duty metal fasteners are typically used in applications such as aeroplane cargo tie-downs and restraints, as well as vehicle cargo tie-downs and restraints. Ratchets and cam buckles are examples of this type of metal fastener. Cam buckles are often constructed of zinc and are frequently coated in black resin or zinc.

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