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EZSwap, the new peer-to-peer crypto exchange. Fast. Secure. Anonymous.

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Daniel Statescu, CEO at Innovative Solutions

After leading BetterHash, their mining application, to success, Innovative Solutions wanted to offer more to the cryptocurrency world. They developed EZSwap, a fast and easy to use peer to peer coin swapper, where users can perform direct exchanges between each other.

The EZSwap developers are giving back to their users what most of the exchanges have taken from them: anonymity. You can buy and sell safely and anonymously directly from and to other users at the click of a button, be it from your phone, or from your computer. They are making sure you are trading without any risk, thanks to their high security transfers.They don’t store any currency, therefore hackers do not pose any risks regarding the exchanges that take place.

EZSwap is also very transparent when it comes to your transactions. You are provided with detailed reporting for each trade, and, most importantly, there are no hidden fees. The EZSwap developers believe their users should be able to exchange any quantity without being charged a percentage. The trading fee is 0% (zero). They only charge a fixed, flat transfer fee, making EZSwap great for every budget size, although it is more advantageous for larger quantity exchanges.

How fast is EZSwap, you might ask? The exchange starts as soon as the user sends the coins to be exchanged. It all depends on the coins that are being exchanged, with some blockchains being quicker than others. For example, XRP and ETH are faster than BTG and XMR.

EZSwap is budget friendly. They have a low minimum amount they allow to be exchanged. Moreover, no matter the exchanged sum, the fee will be the same. However, the larger the traded sum is, the more profitable it is.

You can check out a demo of a transaction in the How-to section on

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