ESL Model 9478 Dual 4-Channel RJ45 Cat5e A/B, Manual Keylock Switch with Simultaneous Control

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The design engineers at Electro Standards Laboratories of Cranston, RI, have launched their new LineSelect® Model 9478 Dual 4-Channel RJ45 Cat5e A/B Manual Keylock Switch with Simultaneous Control of channels. This manual keylock switch is applicable to switching any RJ45 interface and has been certified for Cat5e compliance.

This Model 9478 permits each of the four RJ45 Cat5e Common ports to select either of two network LANs or devices, via A or B port Rj45 connectors with each of its Dual 4-Channel Groups. The four channels in each group are switched simultaneously via a keylock actuator located on the front panel. The key for each of these 4-Channel groups is uniquely keyed as a style “C” key. All 8 pins of the RJ45 Cat5e interface are supported through the unit and there is no need to plug and unplug cables, which eliminates connector wear.

The Model 9478 features 24 RJ45 female port connectors, three labeled A, B, and COMMON for each of the 8 channels. The front panel control contains the 2 keylock switches for the 4 channels. Each keylock actuator selects “A” or “B” and all 4 channels can be switched simultaneously by inserting a style “C” key. Both of the keys are removable in the “A” position and captive in the “B” position. All 8 pins of the RJ45 interface are switched via break-before-make keylock switch.
Because the Model 9478 is completely manually operated, there is no power required for its use. Its metal black box packaging provides EMI/RFI shielding and the switch has a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects.
The Model 9478 Manual Keylock Switcher is neatly enclosed in its black box with Rackmount dimensions of 19.0” Wx3.5” H x8.22” D (48.3 x 8.9 x 20.9 cm) and weighs approximately 5.9 lbs (2.7 kg). Its configuration makes it easy to install in new or newly constructed walls.

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