Epiq Solutions Secures Spaces Against Unauthorized Mobile Device Use

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Rolling Meadows, Illinois, Oct 18, 2022: Epiq Solutions is pleased to announce that they provide solutions to secure spaces against unauthorized mobile device use. Their proprietary program detects mobile device use and issues an alert that allows property owners and managers to take action.

Epiq Solutions created their program to protect sensitive areas where mobile device use is restricted, such as prisons and board rooms. Companies and organizations can use the software to detect when individuals break the rules and use mobile devices in these restricted areas. Classic cybersecurity solutions aren’t the most effective method of monitoring device use. The company recognized this gap in the market and created their solution to ensure better functionality and security.

Many companies rely on manual detection and emissions-based monitoring, which aren’t always successful at catching violators. Their highly accurate system allows companies and organizations to feel confident in their detection capabilities. In addition to detecting mobile device use, the software can pinpoint the location of the device to help managers and property owners address the concerns.

Anyone interested in learning about this solution to detect unauthorized mobile device use can find out more by visiting the Epiq Solutions website or calling 1-847-598-0218.

About Epiq Solutions: Epiq Solutions is a development company focusing on cutting-edge low-power reconfigurable radio solutions to resolve many problems. Their engineers work tirelessly to develop new technologies that benefit companies, organizations, and government entities. They use superior RF technology to create solutions with their industry expertise.

Company: Epiq Solutions
Address: 3740 Industrial Ave.
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Telephone number: 1-847-598-0218