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Aurora, IL, 2023: When it comes to improving reading speed and comprehension, having the right techniques and tools is crucial. If you are a struggling reader seeking ways to enhance your skills, See-N-Read offers a range of affordable and high-quality learning tools designed to help you succeed.

About See-N-Read

See-N-Read is an online learning resource that provides a variety of effective and reasonably priced tools. Originally developed to assist Dr. Sylvia R. Smith’s youngest daughter, who faced reading difficulties in school, these tools have been meticulously designed after years of research. Dr. Smith is a renowned keynote speaker for DuPage Children’s Museum Conference and a Board member at the Giant Steps School for Autism, Inc. The primary goal of these tools is to enable learners of all ages to read and learn with minimal distractions while maximizing their absorption of information.

Reading Tools

· See-N-Read: A reading strip that reduces line skipping, word skipping, and pattern glare.

· MemoryMark: A reading tool with a clear window cutout that allows readers to highlight and take notes while reading. Suitable for learners from 3rd grade and above.

· eSee-N-Read: An electronic reading and instruction tool for PCs that enhances the online reading experience, facilitates key text highlighting, and minimizes distractions.

· See-N-Spell: Designed to improve writing skills and academic vocabulary, this tool provides an at-a-glance reference for commonly misspelled words, commonly used American words, and special interest words.

· ColorTAG: An assistive tool that helps learners read, organize, and retrieve information using a color-based process. It includes a tri-fold card, a graphical prompt card, a tri-color highlighter, and a MemoryMark reading tool. Suitable for learners from 6th grade and above.

Benefits of Using the Tools

· The tool designs are aligned with STAAR and Common Core standards.

· The tools have received U.S. Patent Awards and are made of non-toxic, BPA-free materials.

· Improved reading fluency and comprehension.

· Suitable and beneficial for learners of all age groups.

· The tools are certified under the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.

For more information on utilizing the See-N-Read reading tools, visit www.See-n-Read.com