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Engineering- The Impetus Behind Design Thinking

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Gaurav Peshkar
Avantika University, Vishwanathpuram, Lekoda Villa
Madhya Pradesh 456006 

Design thinking is a process of producing creative solutions. It involves systematically extracting, teaching, learning and applying a human-centered approach to problem solving. Design thinking today can be applied to a variety of different domains, subjects and problems. Application of design thinking to different sectors results in better experiences for users all over, whether it is better experiences for patients at hospitals, implementing better client experiences at agencies, leadership training, reinventing organizational structures or developing new products and services for people. The application of design thinking is viable everywhere as it focuses on uncovering human needs on the basis of feedback and close observation. An important part of the design process is generating quick solutions and rapid prototyping to test ideas with customers, patients and employees. All of these find their origin in the discipline of engineering. Engineering has been the driving force behind the movement of design thinking.

Avantika University, amongst the premier engineering colleges in Madhya Pradesh is the only institute in India that recognizes the origins design thinking has in engineering and has structured its B. Tech program with design thinking at its core. The University offers a four year, full-time residential B. Tech program that is centered on design thinking, to create social transformation through dynamic education using fundamentals of Mathematics, Engineering and Science. Two specializations can be pursued under this program: Mechanical and Computer Science. The course is designed keeping in mind the industry requirements and aims at empowering aspiring engineers to solve challenges the world is facing. The course design, coupled with the teaching pedagogy makes Avantika University one among the best engineering colleges in Madhya Pradesh.

The historical impact of engineers adopting design thinking can be described as nothing short of monumental. Pioneering engineers such as Henry Ford and Steve Jobs used collaborative design philosophy to give us marvelous inventions like the modern automobile and the Mac. These designs were human-centric and what these genius engineers are to be applauded for, is their vision to recognize that the success of products ultimately depends on customer experience. They designed both the product and the ensuing user experience. Only a handful, quality engineering colleges in Madhya Pradesh enable their students to develop this vision.

Avantika University, being the top mechanical engineering college in India, fosters in its students the inspiration to look up to the likes of notable engineers like Ford and Jobs and amalgamate the wonders of design thinking with engineering, to give the world many such stupendous inventions in the time to come.

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