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Employee Covid Vaccination Details App

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Has your organization been looking for a management tool in regards to the Covid vaccination of the employees? Here is an intrusive Employee Covid Vaccination Details management tool for the organizations. This dedicated application release to be functional in Odoo by Cybrosys Technology Solutions will pave the way for the effective management of the Covid 19 Vaccination details of your employees. As the Covid vaccination has become mandatory for everyone over the age of 18 the governments across the globe are educating and promoting the vaccination with various vaccination drives. Moreover, larger organizations as well as the summer ones are conducting vaccination drives for their employees as well as their families.

Managing and registering the information in regards to the Covid 19 vaccinations is a tedious task and it’s mandatory to hold data of the employee vaccinations in an organization in certain countries. This is where the Employee Covid Vaccination Details management tool operable in Odoo comes to the rescue of many organizations. With direct integration with the Employee management module, you will be able to register the Covid 19 vaccination details concerning each employee. Compatible for Odoo version 14 the most used one today as well as along with operable in Odoo Enterprise as well as Community editions will act as an imminent tool during this pandemic time.

With the capable feature of defining the Employee Covid Vaccine details in respect to each of the employees in a distinctive tab. Furthermore, the type of vaccine whether it’s Cowin, Covaxine, Sputnik, Pzipher, or any other can be defined along with the Dosage in the case of which doses have the employee taken concerning the type of vaccine. The responsible person who administered the vaccine can be defined in the tab. Additionally, the vaccination center details along with the time slot can be defined. The Certificate on completing the various stages of vaccination can be saved as PDF files for future usage.

Once the Employee Covid Vaccine details are installed and implemented in your Odoo platform you can view a smart button in operations the respective employee window from the employee module indicating the stage of Covid vaccination to the employee. This will be a major help in understanding the stage of vaccinations concerning the employee. Moreover, as there is no further configuration required you can directly download it and install it to go ahead with the Employee vaccination details management. You can download the application using the following link:

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