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ELITONE – Incontinence Treatment that Eliminates Pads and Restores Confidence

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Urinary incontinence affects 1 in 3 women over 30 years old and 1 in 2 women over the age of 50. With this, more than two-thirds of women who deal with weak bladders don’t discuss it with their doctors. That’s millions of women worldwide suffering with incontinence in silence. For those struggling with urinary leaks, ELITONE is here to help! ELITONE is a non-invasive, at-home incontinence treatment that lets women get back to doing what they love. It is time to give up leaking. not laughing.

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ELITONE is an external device that does Kegels for women, longer and stronger than she can. It was designed for people who understand the reality of urinary incontinence. Elidah, maker of ELITONE, is a woman-led medical device company who is driven to help women say goodbye to annoying leaks and keep their smiles. ELITONE is an FDA-cleared device that tones the pelvic floor muscles through pelvic floor therapy. It is thin, discreet and worn externally, which allows comfortable movement during the 20-minute treatment.

Our Solutions to Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is typically a result of losing control over a weak bladder. The key solution is strengthening the weak pelvic floor muscles to build a better support system for the pelvic organs. This can be done using a pelvic floor exerciser, which is a Kegel device that helps with therapeutic stimulation of the muscles to contract. Such a device also provides maximum efficacy and optimum comfort.

Regain Control with Our Device

Urinary leaks worsen with time, especially if they are left unattended. With ELITONE, you can say goodbye to pads and improve your weak bladder within weeks.
In addition, we offer professional pelvic help without the need for physical visits. We make sure that you get FDA-cleared exercise help without having to visit a medical facility or a gynecological center. In addition, our device fits comfortably, which allows you to move comfortably while you receive the treatment.

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It is time to take back control over your bladder. Say goodbye to incontinence today. Contact us, ELITONE, at
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810 Main St.,Suite C
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