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Ecosmob Announces WebRTC Solution for Every Organization That Facilitates Work From Home

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Ecosmob, global VoIP tech leader, announced WebRTC solution aimed at organizations that wish to facilitate work from home for its employees. There is no reason for businesses to shut down operations. Doing so would invite competitors to take over. Tell employees to take unpaid leave and they are likely to find employment elsewhere. Government organizations too cannot afford to have their operations come to a standstill due to the Corona pandemic. Work must go on.

However, working from home is easier said than done unless there is a solid communication platform that allows all types of communication as well as exchange of documents besides access to data in the organization. It is no easy task to set up such an infrastructure in a short time and at a low cost. This is where Ecosmob steps in and announces the perfect WebRTC solution to facilitate work from home.

WebRTC is the simplest yet best suited for work from home scenarios to help business organizations tide over the Corona pandemic. It is easy to set up. Users do not need to install any software on their desktop or laptop or smartphone. It works in the browser. The browser becomes the platform for interaction. Employees will find it easy to use the controls in the browser to initiate chats and conferences. Employees can interact with each other using this feature and this facilitates work. Talking with each other is fine but employees also need to share documents and exchange mail, all of which tasks become easy since WebRTC permits document sharing. They can make phone calls, chat, video call and exchange documents with each other, with customers and vendors. At no point will the work of an organization be held up.

Unlike conferencing software that is expensive and takes time to set up besides requiring users to install it at their end, WebRTC can be set up in less than an hour. Anyone in the organization can use the WebRTC platform, log in and get to work. Ecosmob introduces a unique feature of logging in employees so that their working hours can be counted for payroll.

No one knows for how long this situation will last. For as long as it does, organizations can keep their operations going smoothly with WebRTC communication solution from Ecosmob. It costs less compared to other conferencing and communication solutions and yet lets you get maximum productivity. Since employees can use their desktops or smartphones they are always available to customers and to each other and the company managers as well.

Ecosmob offers the complete solution complete with set up and configuration backed by support services. “We even offer a bit of training to employees so they know about the features and how to use WebRTC to good effect,” said the VP.

“We promise fast set up and the most reasonable usage rates with excellent service support,” promised the VP as part of their commitment to help organizations continue their operations. Enterprises are welcome to use WebRTC for as long as the work from home situation continues and they may continue thereafter if they find it useful. There are no limitations. Enquiries are welcome on phone 7778842856, 1-303-997-3139 or live chat on

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