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Nashville, TN – If you’re located in Nashville TN or one of the surrounding cities and you’re dealing with dry vent issues (your dryer is running extra hot or taking longer to dry clothes or randomly shutting off in the middle of a cycle etc), then look no further than Dryer Vent Tech.

For six years, the Dryer Vent Tech team has dealt with every kind of dryer vent challenge you can possibly think of. From cleaning a simple ground level dryer vent to rerouting a dryer vent with difficult access and repairing drywall (and sometimes painting), Dryer Vent Tech has prevented thousands of families from experiencing devastating dryer fires thanks to their superior quality dryer vent maintenance services which include dryer vent cleaning, repairs, installation, and reroutes and more.

Launched by business owner Jacob Mills, the team has created a name for itself by tackling some of the trickiest dryer vent maintenance jobs and reaching dryer vents on multi-story buildings that others simply can’t get to.

They offer multi-unit dryer vent cleanings for homeowners’ associations and apartment complexes for reasonably discounted rates. They even rappel multi-story mid-rise and high-rise buildings to clean dryer vents and replace vent covers when needed.

As part of its business expansion, the company has also launched air duct cleaning services for residents across Nashville and the surrounding areas. “We believe in offering top quality services at an affordable rate and aim for complete customer satisfaction every time,” commented Mr Mills.

He advised that Dryer Vent Tech was keen to educate and make residents more aware of the issues surrounding poor dryer vent maintenance.

One of the biggest risks is a dryer fire. The lint that builds up inside a dryer duct over time can cause a dryer to overheat during each cycle. This heat can begin to intensify if the blockage is not removed and can eventually cause your dryer to start a fire.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) between the years of 2010-2014 there were an average of 15,970 home fires, each year, caused by clogged dryer vents in the US alone.

He added: “It is estimated that about 25% of the lint from clothes bypasses a lint trap and accumulates inside a dryer duct. This restricts airflow, decreases the efficiency of your dryer and increases the time it takes to dry your clothes.”

Clogged dryer vents can cause a dryer to work harder and longer to properly dry your clothes. The longer a dryer runs, the higher the electricity bill. “You can easily save up to $40 each month by simply getting your dryer vent cleaned each year,” he advised.

Additionally, clogged dryer ducts cannot facilitate the proper ventilation of carbon monoxide, a deadly gas from gas dryers. A poorly maintained vent also produces the perfect environment for mold build up which can be very damaging to a family’s health over time.

“Honesty, friendliness, knowledge, skill and professionalism is what you get when you hire our dryer vent technicians. We are fully insured, licensed, certified and qualified, so you know that what we provide is professional, quality services,” added Mr Mills.

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