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Dr. Cavazos of the Physical Therapy Chiropractic Center in Carol Stream, Illinois highlights 3 impor

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As life goes on, having stress on the neck and back is just a part of life. As someone gets older, this strain and stress to the joints compounds over time and can ultimately lead to extreme pain down the line. However, there are some basic steps and tips that one can follow to ensure that the joints are healthy and stay that way through all of life’s twists and turns.

[Dr. Cavazos of the Physical Therapy Chiropractic Center]( in Carol Stream, Illinois has 3 easy to follow steps that he tells his clients if they ask how they can make sure they don’t have any joint issues in the future. “Start everyday with a good stretch,” says Dr. Cavazos. “The muscles have been dormant for several hours and need to wake up the same as anyone else.”

Secondly, he suggests not sleeping on your stomach. “When someone sleeps on their belly, they have to turn their head to the right or left which puts incredible strain and stress on the neck and upper back. When someone lays in that position for hours on end, its easy to assume that they will experience joint and back pain in the future.” Dr. Cavazos suggest laying on your back and propping a small pillow beneath your legs to promote a natural resting position.

Thirdly, Dr. Cavazos says one should move around more during the day. ” Sitting in a chair all day at work in that one position is one of the quickest ways to get acute back pain. The more one moves, the more one can be exercising and stretching those muscles that would otherwise be motionless all day. keeping them active will improve the sustained strength and will prevent back and neck pain in the future.

If back or neck pain is present currently, it’s not too late to spend this year reversing those affects. Commit to revitalizing those areas in 2018 and watch life become pain-free.

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