Design’N’Buy Enhances Their All-in-one Web2Print Software with Product Configurator Feature

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Design’N’Buy is a web-to-print solution provider and an e-commerce development organization that provides software solutions that deliver designing automation capabilities to their customers. From t-shirts to merchandise, from marketing collaterals to branding materials, from labels to stickers, customers can create, design and get a print-ready file of personalized and customized products without any design proficiency.

Their platform called All-in-one Web2Print software can be integrated by online printing stores on their e-commerce platforms and provide their end-customers capabilities to create their own customized products.

Customers have complete design freedom to create their preferred design on the desired design with the help of images, text, fonts, colors, icons and other such design elements. Customers also get design templates that they can quickly select, edit and send to print to lower the design turnaround time.

With the ever-evolving customer expectations and market trends in the software market, Design’N’Buy updates their software every 6 months based on the customer feedback and market trends that they witness. The periodic software updates also ensures bug fixes and minor upgrades.

Now to create a whole new world of possibilities, their latest update All-in-One Web2Print 4.1 version comes with the feature “Made to Order” or “Layered Products” which is the new sensation in the personalization space.
With the rising demand for personalized and customized products that are unique and curated for the customers, “Made to Order” or “Layered Product” gives that opportunity to printers to deliver products that has more design areas and capabilities to create complex product designs.

“Made to Order” empowers printers to create product layers or layering that gives different blends and designs to a solid and locked background product. To give a unique design effect and create different blends of colors in different design areas, designers can create a stack of different images on different transparent sheets.
With this feature, printers can create different custom products such as Shoes, T-shirts, Sofas, Uniforms and others. The feature enables them to create complex designs, reposition layer content, specify opacity and blending values and introduce many other design elements to products.

Once they have the design templates ready, printers can then empower their customers by providing them with the “Made to Order” products like sports uniform, shoes, bags, or others with two or more configurable parts. Thus, customers can customize their desired product and create a unique layered design with each layer having its own color and contrast.
To set up the “Made to Order” product store, all admin needs to do is create product preview images for each visible side of the product and upload it to the section. Once they have defined the visible sides, the system administrator then have to upload the image of each configurable part or layer as transparent PNG.

For all the configurable parts, admin can define the available materials and colors that customers can use to customize the product. Lastly, admin will have to mark the design area(s) that their buyers can customize the product with their desired to create and send the print ready artwork file for printing.

Providing an example, a representative from Design’N’Buy representative quoted that “Imagine you are creating a customized sports t-shirt for your sports club. Initially, you had specific design areas where you could add logo, text, colors and other elements on the specified design areas which can be back, front and sides. But with the layered product feature, you can create complex products altogether creating different layers of different shapes and colors. This will provide customers a larger customizable area to play with and get unique products that might help them create a distinct identity.”

Once the customer sends the order for printing, the printer would receive the order details in a detailed XML file that mentions every choice the customers have made for each configurable part of the product.
For customers who have subscribed to their All-in-one Web2Print software, they can go to the “in product” section and click on the layered product section. For any product, they can create layers for each side of the product namely front, back, right and left. And each layer can be of different design, shape and color.
Those who are not introduced to the All-in-one Web2Print software, they can book a free demonstration with the representative of Design’N’Buy.
In this, the representative gives a complete walk-through of the product. The demonstrations can be booked from their website which also features all their products and solutions.

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