DDM MACHINERY Introducing CF- 4020 Series fiber laser tube cutting machine

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DDM MACHINERY, one of the World’s First laser cutting machine manufacturers in china(https://www.ddm-china.com/laser-cutting-machine/), has launched a CF- 4020 Series fiber laser tube cutting machine with an exchange table and protection cover, taking into account the unique requirements of the metal cutting industry. The laser starts at a set position and moves on throughout the line until the shape has been cut out. Thus this machine gives a beneficial function for sign makers and people working with digital graphics since it enables designs to be cut out of a variety of substrates with the high exactness and quality offered by the- 4020 Series fiber laser cutting machine. The machine also includes modern auto nozzle cleaning and changing functions.

Even drives could maximize electrical consumption. The CF- 4020 Series fiber laser tube cutting machine has power-efficient technology consuming lower than 10 units an hour. The Fiber Laser machine provides 50% energy savings among other laser cutting technologies, and the cutting-edge fume suction technology exceeds the fume suction technique by eliminating more than 90% of fumes from the laser cut environment and therefore making this laser cutting machine an extremely efficient machine for the metal cutting process.

The improved nesting software features a more significant function in minimizing material wastage & performing time. Features such as standard Cut, Dream Sequence, Late Cut, Corner Loop & much more offer the most effective planning for the profile.

“We at DDM MACHINERY are always looking to spread awareness and make lasers more cost-effective by investing and improving with the most advanced technology. DDM MACHINERY is a complete package solution for the people looking for laser along with post laser facilities like CNC bending and Shearing,” says Zoe He, General Manager, DDM MACHINERY.

CF- 4020 Series fiber laser cutting machine├é┬áprovides complete trustworthy, and safe working operation with its innovative technology, which has integrated alerts scan for any protruding particles within the cutting table, allowing the cutting head to automatically move to the home position regarding any collision involving the workpiece and the head. Regarding any such disruptions in the working profile, intelligent technology helps to get over the collateral damage – the workpiece and the cutting head by preventing the laser head’s movement before the path is cleared.

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