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Culver City Attorney Immediately Stops Foreclosure & Void Specific Tax Debt

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Axel Richter
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Axel Richter, located in Culver City, California, a practicing attorney for over 37 years, can aid clients who financially need a fresh start.

He has years of success in saving many homeowners from losing their homes while helping those families to pay or void taxes. Keeping families in the home and the children staying in their schools is his priority. He negotiates based on the needs of his clients.

If the need is there to stop or postpone the foreclosure sale date, get rid of judgement’s, a simple phone call for a free consultation is a must. Mr. Richter can also help with loan modifications and counsel those who in need of refinancing.

Even if a car is repossessed, Mr. Richter can get it back back within 14 days of repossession.

He provides advise on payment to the IRS priority tax, considering the daunting back tax and penalties and interest that have piled up. He is an expert in how to void filed tax debt of over three years.

He also specializes in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the California bankruptcy law. When financial calamity strikes, it is important to remember that property and financial assets are protected by law.

Many do not know what bankruptcy protection provides. It does include a fresh start while guarding against the loss of the home.

Specifically, Mr. Richters service can stop a mortgage lender ability to foreclose almost instantly, allowing a debtor to get back on their financial footing once again. The Law Offices of Axel Richter has been able to do this through sophisticated software connected to the bankruptcy system of Los Angeles County. Attorney Richter provides court appearances as well on the clients behalf.

For anyone, take full advantage of a free consultation towards saving the home, wipe out debt and get a fresh start, simply click on the link below for full details.

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