Culture Shift: The Road 2 Pro’s Ambition to Redefine Soccer Development in NY-NJ

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The Road 2 Pro, a groundbreaking initiative founded by former world-ranked professional triathlete, cyclist, and world champion coach/conditioning specialist Terry Kerrigan, is set to redefine the soccer development landscape in the NY-NJ area. At the core of R2P’s offerings are its Soccer IQ and Fundamental Development Memberships. Unlike traditional programs, the club recognizes the critical importance of mental acuity and physical skills. Fundamental development memberships ensure players receive a robust foundation, focusing on essential skills necessary for European-level play. This coaching goes beyond borders by providing players with a rare opportunity to experience domestic and international camps. Including EU academy coaches ensures exposure to different coaching styles and playing environments, contributing to a more well-rounded development.

The Road 2 Pro Talent ID for High-Level International Tournaments positions the program as a gateway for players aiming to showcase their skills on the global stage. This opens doors for exposure and potential recruitment by scouts, agents, and even FIFA/immigration attorneys, forming an integral part of the actual International Development pathway offered by R2P. Individual Player Development Plans lie at the heart of R2P’s commitment to recognizing and addressing each player’s unique needs and potential. Integrating injury prevention specialists and elite-level training plans demonstrates a holistic approach to player well-being and performance enhancement. The program is not just about soccer development; it’s about setting new standards, leading the way, and paving a path for aspiring players to reach the highest levels of the sport.

With a bold brand goal to change the culture and development process in the NY-NJ area, The Road 2 Pro is committed to raising the overall standard of soccer development in the region. This ambitious objective is reflected in the program’s inclusive and comprehensive approach. Founder Terry Kerrigan’s impressive background as a former world-ranked professional triathlete, cyclist, and world champion coach/conditioning specialist adds credibility and expertise to the program. His vision and passion drive the innovation and excellence at the core of R2P. Recognizing the need for accessibility, R2P offers virtual coaching memberships and game video analytics. Players can upload game videos analyzed by one of R2P’s experienced coaches, providing personalized feedback and guidance.

The Road 2 Pro is a cutting-edge soccer development program founded by Terry Kerrigan dedicated to transforming the soccer landscape in the NY-NJ area. With a focus on Soccer IQ, Fundamental Development, and an international development pathway, R2P aims to pave the way for aspiring players to reach their highest potential.