Creative Newtech organises Macro meet 2023, showcasing wide range of OM system Macro Gears

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Creative Newtech, a leading brand licensee and market entry specialist in India, successfully organized MacroMeet 2023, a macro photography event showcasing a wide range of OM system Macro Gears at The Mumbai Zoo in association with DCP Expeditions. The event brought together photography leaders, experts, and over 100 photographers aspiring to excel in the field. It also served as a platform to foster future partnerships with potential new brands.

With the Indian photography industry valued at over $5 billion and a projected annual growth rate of 11.35% (CAGR 2022-2027), the MacroMeet aimed to provide subject knowledge and insights to photographers seeking to thrive in this flourishing industry. The event highlighted the significance of high-end cameras and lenses, particularly in fields like wildlife photography, where precise moments to be captured.

Ketan Patel, Chairman & Managing Director of Creative Newtech said, ”The Indian photography business worldwide with the majority buying high–end cameras and lenses to capture the precise moments, especially in the field of wild photography. OM system is synonymous with photography and highly popular with the fraternity. We are delighted to arrange the Macro Meet 2023 with a market-leading. I also hope this meet will open various channels for future partnerships”.

About Creative Newtech
Founded in 1992 by the husband-wife duo of Ketan and Purvi Patel, the Mumbai-based Creative Newtech has grown organically in 3 decades to become India’s leading Brand Licensee and Market Entry Specialist offering 25+ brands, 3200+ products, 8000+ happy channel partners. With a network that spans online, offline, large retail format & retail, Creative Newtech is among the handful that provides an end-to-end solution from contract manufacturing to retail distribution & brand licensing. Listed on NSE since August 2017, it employs 300+ professionals. Creative Newtech currently partners with Honeywell, Samsung, Cooler Master, Fujifilm-Instax, ViewSonic, Razer, Cricut, MSi, Olympus, PNY, iBall, etc. in India and beyond. Its Ckart platform is India’s first B2B e-commerce platform for electronics & IT peripherals.

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