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Covid 19 Quarantine No Barrier to Work From Home with Hodusoft Conferencing Software

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Isolation seems to be the only defence against the dreaded Coronavirus but people must gather in order to get work done. Quarantine brings work to a standstill. The solution is for people to work from home where possible. Telecommuting takes on a new meaning in these troubled times. Businesses have the option of shutting down completely. It is the easy thing to do. After all there is an economic downturn all over the world due to Covid-19 so you might just as well close operations for a while. What about your employees? Do you want them to be without work and pay and be subject to difficulties? Surely, you will want continuity in your business by keeping vital operations going on? You can do this with Hodusoft’s conferencing software that keeps employees connected with each other, with managers and with customers in a virtual office atmosphere. 

What Hodusoft’s conferencing software does for work from home program
Hodusoft’s audio conferencing software creates a platform of interaction. The software ties together the office based CRM and phone numbers in the office communication set up to the smart phones of each employee or to their desktop computer/laptop. 

Anyone connected to the conferencing solution can initiate a person to person chat with a colleague or a vendor or customer. 

The chat may be turned into a conference by inviting other colleagues to join. 
Authorized personnel can schedule and initiate a conference and map names and conduct a roll call. This, for instance, can be done first thing in the morning so that everyone can discuss about the day’s work and presence can be marked for payroll purpose. 

Record the entire conference.
Users can access phonebook and customer records through their smartphone or desktop/laptop. 
Participants can “raise hands” to indicate they wish to say something and moderator may grant permission.
Two people can engage in a private conversation during an ongoing conference. 
Call customers using CRM database and be available for calls from customers and turn such calls into conferences. 

Social distancing the new norm
Social distancing is the new norm. Those under quarantine due to suspected presence of Covid-19 find that they are confined to their homes. Even if their office functions, they cannot attend duties. Conferencing software helps them carry on with the normal routine even as they remain isolated. Work continues with the conferencing solution in place. 

It is up and running in less than an hour
Hodusoft’s conferencing solution can be up and running in less than an hour. Do not let coronavirus put the brakes on your routine business. Simply subscribe and you and your employees, regardless of whether they are in quarantine or not, can work from home. Hodusoft provides complete assistance with the set up and with training. 

Hodusoft’s conferencing software can make a difference to your business in these coronavirus hit times by letting your employees continue with daily work. It can prove invaluable once situation returns to normal by helping to improve customer services through better interaction. 


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