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COVID-19 and Your Teeth Webinar online dental webinars free, free webinar online,

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Need for Dental Care
“Your smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.”

You don’t need any jewels or fancy clothes to make yourself look attractive and powerful. A natural smile can do it all for you, free of charge. Your smile is the world’s richest treasure and you must always make sure it stays as happy and healthy. Your teeth are quite important to you and so is dental care. Taking care of your teeth should be your no. 1 priority because your teeth are your no. 1 assets. Take a look at why:

• Prevents Cancer of the mouth: Poor oral hygiene has found to lay early tracks for severe oral issues like cancer of the mouth.

• Promotes overall health: Poor dental health puts strain on your gut first and then on your heart. It may also increase the chances of a heart attack in some cases.

• Prevents gum diseases: Our mouth is full of microorganisms. Poor dental health can lead to gum problems/diseases in the long run.

• Keeps teeth young: As one ages the tooth enamel wears off leading to dental decay and even falling of teeth. Good oral health delays it for long.

• Early diagnosis of severe anomalies: If by any chance, you develop some dental health problem, neglect of dental health will let that anomaly set further and severe over time.

• Brings out a shiny white smile: Good dental hygiene keeps your teeth white and shiny. It adds to your confidence and, eventually, your general level of optimism in life.

AstoCare, your partner with healthcare, recently came up with the perfect solution for your oral health troubles. An AstoCare Webinar! An AstoCare Webinar is a health web-show, delivered by highly renowned medical experts, that focuses on general medical issues and tips which may help you cope with them.Just recently, we had such an AstoCare Webinar on
“COVID-19 and Your Teeth“
25th July, 2020
11:00 a.m. onwards
Zoom | Facebook LIVE

Key Themes
• Dental Hygiene
• Dental care and COVID-19

Our Esteemed Speaker being
✓ MDS (Prosthodontics)
✓ Fellow in Implantology (USA)
✓ Advanced Course – Implantology (Porutugi)
✓ Master course Hair Transplantation (Germany)
✓ Consultant Aesthetic Facial, Laser, Implantologist, Maxillofacial Prothetics and Hair Restoration Surgeon
Dr. Pipat will stress upon the need of Dental hygiene in today’s running life, especially in these testing times of COVID-19!

In conversation with
Highlighting the need for good oral hygiene, Dr. Hitesh Kumar Pipat via the webinar, spoke upon the undeniable importance of dental care. While at it, he put forth various facts, tips and tricks as to caution and awareness regarding your own teeth. Later he built up a motion of what’s healthy and important for you in contrast with the general notions spreading around as myths in society.

Webinar Highlights
The Webinar was attended by hundreds of people, real time, and was very well acclaimed. For those who missed out on it, here are some quick highlights of the webinar:
• Pipat started by focusing on the need for good oral hygiene.
• He believes that a dentist is a friend, not a foe.
• Then he red-flagged about some early signs of dental anomalies, one must account for.
• In a discussion with Mr. Shah, he pointed out various causes and treatment of cavities.
• He, then, explained the difference between Gingivitis and Periodontitis and how they may be confused with each other.
• Further, the two talked about Cracked and broken teeth, briefly.
• Next, he mentioned Tooth sensitivity and various ways to get rid of it at home.
• He even discussed the serious issue of Oral cancer and how it is more than what you may think.
• Later, he emphasized the need for routine dental check-ups.
• He put emphasis on self-care and self-awareness regarding dental hygiene.
• Down the line, he discussed how Oral problems affect the rest of the body.
• Subsequently, he debunked the mysterious case of right and wrong brushing techniques.
• Following this, Dr. Pipat spoke on COVID-19 as well.
• By the end, he took up many mind-boggling questions from the viewer and prickled his head during a rapid-fire round.
• Finally, the session ended warmly on a note for better and orally hygienic habits in the future.

Unfortunately, many of us were not able to attend the webinar. After taking into account numerous requests as to the same, we have decided to put a recording of the web-show on YouTube for everyone to watch.

Take a look at it and let us know what you think about it at
Stay tuned with us for more such fun and informative sessions in the future. For more, get in touch with us at or connect with us on social media.
We Care for You.

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