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Copy Protect PDF and Video with DRM

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William Kent
PO Box 927,
Phone:617 3102 3856

Australia., August 21, 2019 — The most secure solutions for the copy protection of sensitive corporate data, educational course and exam material, or inhouse stock control.

ArtistScope is Australian based and the leading developer of copy protection and DRM solutions in the world. ArtistScope software and strategies have evolved over 20 years to copy protect PDF and video for both desktop reading and online viewing.

Whether for copy protecting sensitive corporate data, educational course and exam material, or inhouse stock control, ArtistScope has the solution ready and waiting for install onto the desktop or server. If not, one can be customised to suit.

The security of media distributed for desktop reading can be further enhanced by employing DRM to prevent sharing and unauthorised distribution. ArtistScope’s revolutionary DRM gives authors total control over all aspects, with immediate effect on any changes made, even to media already saved to a user’s computer or still out in the wild on disk.

ArtistScope has web site and server solutions to copy protect all online media. Adding copy protected media to web pages would ordinarily be a task too complex for most web developers, but with ArtistScope CMS plugins that task is very much simplified for anyone to use. Plugins are available for all popular CMS including Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and WordPress.

For a no-obligation free consultation, please contact ArtistScope from their website by email at

About ArtistScope:
ArtistScope provides software for securing all types of media with the option of total control over who can view it and how. Depending on whether you want to protect web pages or documents and the extent of your reader’s access entitlements, you have a choice of several solutions. ArtistScope software is innovative and the industry standard for copy protection, providing the most secure and most robust copy protection options possible. It is the solution of choice by the military, government, telecoms and many other industries worldwide where the protection of intellectual property and sensitive information is critical.

William Kent
PO Box 927,
Gympie 4570,
Queensland, Australia
617 3102 3856

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