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Conifers are one of the most adored types of evergreens all around the world, which can be wonderful additions to any home. Maintaining these plants is quite easy as they are mostly water efficient. They can serve as fantastic natural barriers that screen your home from neighborly eyes while adding to its appearance. Now, with Conifers Garden, you can easily get conifers directly from Europe, at your doorstep.

Introducing Conifers Garden US is the official US website of Conifers Garden Nursery that has been created to deliver orders to the North American region from Europe. The Conifers Garden Nursery is a small nursery that specializes in the delivery of naturally occurring conifers. It offers rare and unique types of conifers along with other unique dwarf and horticultural species from all over the world.

Conifers Garden also takes care of all the required plant health permissions and customs procedures associated with delivery. Conifers Garden prioritizes the protection of rare conifer species and supports various initiatives for the conservation of rare species and endorsement of biodiversity.

Reliable delivery of plants to the United States and other countries

Conifers Garden has more than a decade of experience delivering conifers and has now extended its service to the North American continent. After fulfilling orders from Hungary, Conifers Garden takes the help of the Hungarian Postal Service and its international network for timely delivery. It also uses DSV in case there are large quantities shipped on pallets. Typical shipment to the United States takes about 5 to 8 days.

The plants offered by Conifers Garden are grown in pots that are removed when packaged. It wraps the soil ball in stretch foil to allow it to remain intact during shipment. The plants can be planted all year round since their roots remain intact during shipment and delivery. It also lines the packages with air-cushioned material that protect the plants from any injury.

Conifer species available at Conifers Garden

Conifers Garden delivers naturally occurring conifers and other horticultural varieties from all around the world, which are available in the following species.

• Abies
• Austrocedrus
• Calocedrus
• Cedrus
• Cupressus
• Juniperus
• Larix
• Picea
• Pinus
• Platycladus
• Pseudotsuga
• Sequoiadendron
• Taxus

Normally Conifers Garden delivers the plants within two weeks after ordering. In case the delivery is delayed due to weather conditions, Confiers Garden informs the client immediately. To learn more about what Conifers Garden offers, visit

About Conifers Garden is the US website for the Hungarian company Conifers Garden Nursery. It specializes in delivering high-quality conifers and other horticultural species.