Chetu Software Delicery Model Receives 12th Consecutive AICPA Accreditation

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Chetu, a leading provider of world-class software development and support services, today announced its 12th consecutive completion of the System and Organization Controls for Service Organizations: ICFR SOC 1® audit, and that it has obtained a favorable, unbiased opinion from independent auditors utilizing the standards put forth by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Type 2 SOC 1® certification confirms that Chetu has passed an in-depth audit of its controls relating to the security, availability, sustainability, and processing integrity of its internal control systems, further verifying its optimal operational performance and effectiveness to safeguard customer data.

“Chetu continues to uphold its commitment to providing the highest standard of excellence and integrity when it comes to developing and maintaining data infrastructure and project delivery,” said Prem Khatri, vice president of operations at Chetu. “The stringent nature of these industry-leading, independent audits and certifications perfectly reflects Chetu’s dedication to upholding the operational processes and controls that our clients require in an ever-changing world of technology and innovation.”

Developed by AICPA, the SOC 1® certification remains a renowned auditing standard used by leading auditing firms and service providers around the world to evaluate the effect of the controls at the service organization. A service auditor’s examination performed in accordance with a SOC 1® audit signifies that a service company has been through a thorough examination of their service activities and meets the standards for controls over information technology and related security processes.

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