Certisio new release for android 12

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Certiso has released a new app version for being compliant with android 12 older

This version is called Certisio-NG, it stands for New-Generation.
New features :

Images files generated are 4 times the size of previous version
A status link from menu provides the user’s quota remaining for pre-paid plan
The number of photo is limited to 10 due to the max volume processed by the serveurs
Registration within the app is replaced by a preliminary registration by the local reseller

The release with the same features will be soon issued for IOS-iphone

About Certisio

CERTIFIED PHOTO. CERTISIO provides several trusted services for individual and professionals in order to avoid litigations, dispute and save your assets. The user experience with our unique mobile APP can show you, how to generate instant and shared proofs for numerous type of usage thanks to the blockchain.

BLOCKCHAIN BASED RECORD & STAMP. Just like a Notary in your pocket, you store proof into the blockchain and receive certificate with embedded evidences : integrity, anteriority. The proof envelop comprises all information and is self sufficient for any potential stakeholder. Unless other solutions, no need for you to connect to certisio platform to check the photos, videos, the certificate, the signature. Just keep certificate files with you. Open them, you have all what you need to extract and demonstrate your good faith (prima facie).

Futhermore, CERTISIO provides a comprehensive system to issue Official Documents for their customers, partners, end-users, administrations, etc.

For record automation on the blockchain, rely on the product Blockchain Record API providing quick interface with Json-API

Capture all risky events and protect yourself from litigation with a certificate that will support your statements. Be on the safe side

Anteriority, Integrity, Properties, Original Painting, Photo, Non Fungible Token (NFT), Jewellery, Certificate of Authenticity, Expertise, Audit Report, etc..

Certisio Official Issuance enables you to generate official documents without setting-up additional software or platform. Automation or manual use, two operational solutions for your company, institution or organization. Go ahead and issue official documents such as credentials, training certificate, attendance, awards, certificate from the land register, etc. Build your own ledger with dedicated layout, contents, official digital signature from certificate authority. Build your business and transfer value to your customer relying on trusted materials. Go head for a test.