BStore Launches as the First Cryptocommerce Marketplace in India, Pakistan, and Turkey

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates Mar 16, 2024 – Innovation Factory Royal Investment, owned by Mr. Omar Khan (OK), proudly announced the launch of BStore, a groundbreaking project spearheaded by Project Manager Ms. Aziza Faryal and overseen by Director Mr. Imran Naqvi. BStore marks a significant milestone as the first cryptocommerce marketplace in India and Pakistan, introducing the innovative BFIC Gold and BFIC Coin as modes of payment.

Innovation Factory, a leading technology company pioneering blockchain solutions, has unveiled its latest venture, BStore. With the rising demand for secure and efficient cryptocurrency transactions, BStore sets a new standard in the e-commerce landscape of India, Pakistan, and Turkey.

BStore offers a diverse range of products from electronics to fashion, all available for purchase using the revolutionary BFIC Gold and BFIC Coin, native token, and coin on BFIC (Blockchain Foundation for Innovation and Collaboration). BStore revolutionizes the way users transact, providing seamless and secure transactions within the cryptocommerce ecosystem.

“Today, we are excited to introduce BStore as the first cryptocommerce marketplace in India, Pakistan and Turkey,” said Mr. Omar Khan OK, Owner of Innovation Factory. “With BStore, we aim to empower users with the freedom to transact using BFIC Gold and BFIC Coin, providing a secure and efficient transaction process for their purchases.”

BFIC Coin is the native currency of Blockchain Foundation for Innovation and Collaboration, a blockchain created under the wing of Innovation Factory. BFIC GOLD is the token operating on the BFIC blockchain. It has enabled over 15 million transactions to date and offers up to 10 ways to earn rewards.

Leading BStore is Aziza Faryal, the dedicated Project Manager who has guided the development and launch of BStore. “BStore is more than just a marketplace; it’s a gateway to a new era of e-commerce where cryptocurrency plays a central role,” said Aziza. “We are thrilled to bring this innovative platform to users in India and Pakistan.”

Mr. Imran Naqvi, Director of Innovation Factory, expressed his enthusiasm for the project’s potential impact. “BStore represents a significant step towards mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency in the region,” said Imran. “With BFIC Gold and BFIC Coin as the primary modes of payment, we are confident that BStore will redefine the way people transact online.”
BStore offers a user-friendly interface, allowing customers to browse a wide selection of products and make purchases seamlessly. The platform prioritizes security and transparency, ensuring a safe and reliable shopping experience for all users.

For more information about BStore and its offerings, visit the BStore website or follow BStore on social media platforms.

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