Benefits of Paid Education in Germany

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Tuition-Free Universities – Very Low Fees or Not at All

In times where higher education is becoming a necessity and a costly affair at the same time, Germany is the only top study destination whose public universities charge negligible to no tuition fees from international students.
In October 2014, German Authorities gave a decision stating that all international students who are attending a public university would be free from paying standard tuition fees in Germany.

According to this law, international students have to pay a few administrative charges such as student contribution, public transport ticket and a student union fee that make around €250 per semester.
According to a survey conducted, 35.8% of the international students chose Germany for higher education due to tuition-free universities in Germany.

World-Class Universities

According to the official statistics of 2018, there are 429 recognized universities in Germany, out of which 106 are among the list of globally ranked universities. Some of them have been ranked among the consistently.
The students value these universities for the quality of education, opportunities to improve academically, hands-on experiences during and after studies in a friendly and safe environment.
These universities enjoy a worldwide reputation. Thanks to their research excellence and recognized teaching, built upon a long and rich tradition of higher education. Besides being among the best, some of these universities are the oldest in Europe.

Variety of Degrees / Programs

A large number of reputable universities is just one thing; Germany offers many degree programs from every field of education that suit everyone’s interest.
Being an industrialist country, German Universities are global leaders in Engineering, medicine, and pharma. But the list is ever-expanding as new fields of study are emerging with cutting edge technologies.
So, whether you are interested in fields as microscopic as an atom or as vast as mysterious galaxies, you’ll find a program for it being taught in German Universities by renowned and reliable professionals.

World Recognized Degree Programs

In terms of their structure and method of instruction, the study programs at German universities are designed to meet up-to-date scientific developments in the world and to educate individuals and make them professionals.
You will be certified with a degree at the end of your course, which is valued and globally recognized. Employers all around the world will look up to you with the respect and trust that makes them hire you and trust your capabilities.

Economical Cost of Living

So now you know that the cost of studying in Germany is very low. But besides that, the cost of living in Germany as compared to other European countries is quite affordable. Though the urban areas are more expensive than peripheral areas.
However, through some smart financial management, the cost of living for international students in Germany becomes quite affordable. Rent being the major financial concern, finding an apartment/room in peripheral areas, and sharing it can cut half of your expenses.

Part-Time Job Opportunities

As per the German Law, international students are allowed to work part-time. As a student in Germany, you can do a part-time job for 120 full days of a year or up to 20 hours a week. More than 60% of international students in Germany do part-time jobs while studying.

Scope for Future

As a graduate of German University, your range for future employment increases many folds. German universities are highly respected, and so are their graduates. German university graduates enjoy a high employability rate in the global job market.
So, you can expect a bunch of attractive job offers when you complete your degree from German university as the employers trust your academic credits and professional credibility due to an outstanding education in German Institution.

The part-time job not only helps in adding to your financial leverage but also to your work experience that helps to increase the chances of your future employability.
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