Benefits of Paid Education in CROATIA

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Benefits of Paid Education in Croatia


When it comes to public safety, Croatia is an example to be followed. In 2020, the US State Department ranked Croatia at the highest safety category, thanks to economic and political stability factors. The Croatian population can walk freely around their cities, enjoying the country without any significant safety concerns.

Affordable living

If you’re worried Croatia will be as expensive as other popular European destinations, you can rest easy. Croatia is cheaper than most countries in the European Union , and a single person can get by with just under US$800 per month. Rent for a one-bedroom apartment can be as low as $350, and general expenses such as electricity, water, and internet will amount to approximately $210. Keep in mind cooking your own food is cheaper than eating at restaurants and you’ll be able to enjoy a comfortable life in Croatia.

Job opportunities

Croatia has a great job market for locals and foreigners alike. Unemployment rates are low, and more than 50.000 foreigners find work in Croatia every year. Because of the high demand for workers in different sectors, the government allows international students to work in the country during their stay.

Uncrowded cities

One of the best benefits of living in a country with a small population is enjoying the urban environment without overcrowded cities. The academic year in Croatia starts in October and lasts until June, so because it doesn’t coincide with high tourism season, students won’t have to deal with crowded cities most of the year.

Multicultural environment

Croatia’s location makes access to the rest of Europe extremely easy. This easy connection to other countries makes Croatia a multicultural country, with visitors from different parts of the world who get to enjoy the country’s welcoming environment. Locals are friendly and patient with foreigners and will love to help you learn the local language during your stay.

Quality of life

There are many reasons why the quality of life in Croatia is so high. The country’s investment in high-quality education and public safety, plus its stable economy and affordable costs make Croatia one of the best countries in Europe to live in. In the larger cities, the population’s satisfaction is even higher, and international students can enjoy all the benefits of a Croatian lifestyle when they choose this beautiful country as their destination.

World-class research

Croatia is known for its history-making inventors including Nikola Tesla, Franjo Hanaman, and Slavoljub Penkala. The country invests heavily in innovation and research, which benefits entrepreneurs and academics alike. Students in engineering and technology-related fields, especially, will find in Croatia an ideal spot to develop new ideas among some of the brightest minds in the world.

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