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Beauty Heroes Makes Clean Acquisition of The Clean Beauty Box

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Novato, CA: Just as The Clean Beauty Box (formerly The Art of Organics) closes its doors, we see new opportunities unfold and take form. Beauty Heroes recently announced its acquisition of the subscription service and e-commerce store that formerly provided customers with a selection of clean beauty products. The match between the two companies seems like a perfect fit considering how both parties felt their values and visions aligned, making this arrangement feel like the right choice. Both companies were driven by the desire to bring attention to beauty brands that utilize safe, healthy ingredients and ethical, planet-friendly processes.

While the Clean Beauty Box will no longer be in service, its vision continues to live on and thrive with Beauty Heroes, which also provides customers with a sizable selection of clean beauty brands. Some of the online beauty store’s most popular brands include Innersense Organic Beauty, Josh Rosebrook, Laurel Skin, and Earthwise Beauty, all of which take pride in their natural, healthy approach to selecting ingredients. While the two companies had overlap in the brands that they carried, Beauty Heroes has about three times the amount of brands as The Clean Beauty Box did, creating a great catalogue of options for new and existing customers.

The founder of The Clean Beauty Box, Claire Molyneaux, provided glowing recommendations for members of the company, all of whom had become well-researched and passionate about their work, encouraging them to carry on their work with Beauty Heroes.

With this acquisition, the Beauty Heroes team took over the social media accounts, web pages, and customer lists of The Clean Beauty Box, taking on these new clients and welcoming them to explore even more exciting brands in the clean beauty space. Beauty Heroes offers its own luxury clean beauty subscription service that allows customers to discover new brands and formulas with a curated selection of products every month.

Beauty Heroes also services their global customer base through their e-commerce operation and Northern California local clientele in their brick and mortar store. Founder Jeannie Jarnot disrupted the beauty subscription box model, 7 years ago this month, by offering full-size products from one, clean beauty brand in a sophisticated, educational format, catering to a more seasoned conscious customer. It is a great option for those new to clean beauty looking to explore, or the seasoned customer who wants to stay current with new products, ingredients and innovations.  Some of the brands recently featured in a Beauty Heroes discovery include RANAVAT, Blüh Alchemy, Leahlani, Maya Chia and Josh Rosebrook.

Although The Clean Beauty Box will no longer be in service, its vision lives on with Beauty Heroes. Customers of either company can continue to explore and enjoy new beauty products made exclusively from effective, clean ingredients. Customers have a diverse range of options to choose from when creating their personal care routines including hair care, makeup, skincare, and lifestyle products. This considerable selection is meant to provide anyone with healthy options for updating their daily self-care habits.

Anyone who would like to know more about the Beauty Heroes acquisition of The Clean Beauty Box, or about their shared visions for the industry are free to learn more at or to directly for questions at

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