AVTODOM Pulkovo invites Mercedes-Benz car owners to summer service

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Summer is the holiday season. It is especially important to check your car and prepare it for the trip in advance before a long journey. Special offers for servicing Mercedes-Benz cars are valid in AVTODOM Pulkovo until the end of summer.

The number of women owning a car has reached 31,7% over the past few years. This figure continues to grow. Many women understand the device of cars now. They carefully monitor the condition of components and mechanisms and regularly come to service centers for maintenance.

AVTODOM Pulkovo offers women to take advantage of the privileges in the service. The bonus is 10%. The offer is valid every Monday for all clients who service Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

All customers receive bonus points and privileges that can be used to pay up to 90% of the cost of work and up to 30% of the cost of spare parts when contacting a Mercedes-Benz service center. All owners of Mercedes cars receive a 7% discount for service work at AVTODOM Pulkovo on Sundays. Privileges for regular customers are valid in the dealer center also. Every third maintenance service is a gift.

AVTODOM Pulkovo also offers a service for antibacterial treatment of the interior of a Mercedes-Benz car. Bacteria causing allergic reactions are removed during processing. The cost of the service is 14 000 rubles. The offer includes: disinfection of the air conditioner evaporator, interior cleaning with an ultrasonic sprayer, disinfection of the cabin filter compartment from dust and dirt.

“It is necessary to check all the systems of the car before going on a long journey. This will minimize unforeseen situations on the road and maintain safety during the trip. AVTODOM Pulkovo offers service for Mercedes-Benz cars. Customer comfort is important to us. We provide the best service that meets the high standards of the brand,” – Mikhail Glumov, director of the AVTODOM Pulkovo, official Mercedes-Benz dealer, commented.