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As a leading service provider of VAPT of API in India, GS2Cyber Security offers comprehensive testing services to the clients across the nation. Understanding the fact that security of the API is important as the applications, the services offered aim at ensuring watertight systems along with safety of information during transfer. The experts associated with GS2Cyber Security have years of experience under their belt and can customize the services are per needs of its clients.

What is need for API Security tests?

Exploiting APIs has been observed as the most common attack zone for data breaches that can hamper the functioning of an enterprise’s web applications. Leaving unprotected APIs at the center imposes danger on the safety of customer accounts too. The consequences include data breach, exposed application logic, fraudulent incidents, issue or lag in web application performance, and compromised internal infrastructures.

To avoid scenarios of data breach and cyber-attacks, deep penetration testing must be performed on APIs. Performing API penetration testing in-house will involve employing of best API functions/methods. We aim to test the reason for any form of command injection, or even XSS, which reveals any security vulnerability existing within the system.

Our penetration testers have great credentials with vast experience in the domain of programming and development. Our team performs the VAPT testing function by function, and understand how an attacker can take advantage of system vulnerabilities. Since every API is different, the team is equipped to conduct diligent, advanced API penetration testing to provide a solid safety cover to all the applications and systems within the organization.

The main aim of securing services VAPT of API in India is to find gaps in API security and act before an internal or external attacker acts. GS2Cyber Security team is equipped to offer advanced, web API security testing to clients across SOAP as well as REST APIs, depending on the client’s need.

If you are willing to outsource VAPT API testing task to a trusted and reliable security firm, contact us today. We will work in tandem with your business needs and act as a guard against a compromised API.