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Australia Immigration – Draconian Rule, Deterring Disabled Immigrants to Be Scrapped By Aussie Govt.

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Australia is a country that has been viewed as largely liberal and welcoming to immigrants who have the ability to improve the country’s economy. Every year thousands of people from all over the world, apply to immigrate to Australia. Many do not succeed, and for some unfortunate ones they are barred from applying in the first place. That would however change in the future

Australia Immigration Rules to Be Relaxed For Disabled Applicants

The government of Australia has decided to remove a controversial requirement for potential immigrants. The lesser known requirements have resulted in multiple rejections of people with disabilities for Australia visa. The rule has been relaxed without much fanfare or announcement by the Australian government.

The government of Australia’s health requirement for new immigrants barred potential migrants who have a chronic illness, disease, or disability from obtaining a visa for Australia, in case their condition would be deemed as too expensive for the tax payers in Australia or would pose a threat to the general public in Australia in any way.

In a new and significant development, the government of Australia has increased its threshold for determining the cost from 40,000 AUD to 49,000 AUD. With this change, a lot of people who would have been rejected with earlier cost would now be able to obtain the visa for Australia immigration

The new changes to the rules of Australia immigration would most likely help those with permanent disabilities, or those suffering from chronic conditions such as hepatitis B. Persons who are suffering from, mental conditions such as cerebral palsy and Down syndrome would also have a better chance to live permanently in Australia. Over the recent past, many immigrants who were until now ineligible for applying to live permanently in the country, would become able to apply for permanent residence.

Immigration experts and lawyers have welcomed the change as a much needed amendment to the rules for immigration to Australia

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