Audi Center Altufievo opened the Ladies Day bonus season

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Audi Center Altufievo offers women to take advantage of the privileges in the service. The bonus on Ladies Day is 20%. The offer is valid for all customers servicing Audi cars every Tuesday and Thursday.

Audi Center Altufievo is the largest Audi dealership in Russia and in Eastern Europe. It meets all the standards of the Audi brand and is equipped with the latest technology. Qualified staff of the Audi Center Altufievo cares about the comfort of customers and offers a wide range of services for car sales, maintenance and warranty repairs. Clients can take advantage of trade-in programs, car loans, leasing, and auto insurance. The service area allows servicing up to 120 vehicles daily.

The number of female drivers in Russia is growing rapidly. The number of women owning a car reached 31.7% in 2021. While their average age is 45 years. The modern urban rhythm requires mobility, especially when you need to actively move in conditions of heavy metropolitan traffic. Therefore, women willingly learn to drive cars. According to statistics, women make up approximately 70% of driving school graduates today. In addition, approximately every fifth Russian family owns two cars. Moreover, women not only confidently drive a car. Many of them understand the structure of cars, carefully monitor the condition of components and mechanisms, and regularly bring cars to service centers for maintenance.

“Women are coming more and more often for service at the Audi Center Altufievo. Some clients also prefer that men, relatives or friends? who understand the technical nuances of cars, bring their cars to the service. To ensure the trust of each client is one of our main tasks. Because we launched car service privileges for women. The specialists of the service center will talk about the malfunctions in the car, the causes of breakdowns and give the necessary recommendations. Women do not have to worry about the technical condition of their car when they contact the Audi Center Altufievo. The service staff will perform high-quality repairs in accordance with the high standards of the Audi brand”, – said Roman Timashov, after-sales service director at the Audi Center Altufievo.