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Contrary to popular belief, not all student-athletes get a free ride to college. The number of students that get this privilege is actually much smaller than what most people think. This is why College Planning Experts is now extending its support to local student-athletes and their families in LA who need supplemental funding for college. Its advisory services are designed for households of various income levels, including high-income families. Even if you think that you’re making too much to be eligible for aid, the company can still find ways to help you save on tuition costs.

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According to Next College Student Athlete, the goal of student-athletes is a “full-ride” scholarship, but only a small percentage of them are given this level of institutional support. The vast majority often rely on other funding sources, such as federal aid, to supplement a partial scholarship. College Planning Experts can help you accomplish the FAFSA form properly, ensuring that the lowest possible Expected Family Contribution, or EFC, is reported to maximize the amount of aid that you can receive. This is important because overestimating the value of one’s asset is a mistake is costing individual families thousands of dollars in lost financial aid annually. Further, the company can also identify funding sources outside the federal aid system, such as privately funded grants and scholarships. According to the firm, there are millions of dollars of unclaimed funds yearly, which means that there are plenty of opportunities for you out there. “We can collaborate with you to come up with college funding options that won’t force you to choose between your future or that of your child,” the company stated on its website. College Planning Experts’ unique approach to financial aid planning was developed by Brian Safdari, its founder who lost his NCAA Division 1 scholarship following a career-ending injury.

After struggling with student debt himself, Mr. Safdari dedicated his life to understanding the college admissions process to help college-bound students and their families across Los Angeles. “CPE took all the guesswork and uncertainty out of the equation, which was so crucial as first-time parents,” a former client said in his Google review. “Brian and his staff are patient, communicative, readily available, and well informed.”

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