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Asteriskservice Launch Outbound Call Center Solution Software for Call Centers and Businesses

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Asterisk Service, a unit of global VoIP tech leaders Ecosmob, announced launch of purpose built outbound call center software solution specifically for campaign planning, management and implementation in call centers and business enterprises. Speaking on the occasion the company’s VP said, “Asterisk call center solution for outbound calls is enhanced with advanced features and artificial intelligence from our parent company’s AI division and it is definitely a cut above what is available in the market.”

Elaborating on the features he stated that the dialing modes are enhanced and users can customize options to suit their working model.  The software connects to CRM and lets agents set parameters that will enable the algorithm to connect a call when an agent becomes free and intelligently distribute work loads. AI integration with multi-lingual capability even helps the system detect the country and the language of that country and routes call to an agent proficient in that language or presents an onscreen language translator. It can even initiate calls based on a specific geographic region’s local times so that agents connect to people at convenient times. The solution has automated call scripts, progressive dialer and facility to switch to manual mode if so desired. Once a call is over there is the option to switch the target to an IVR should they decide to make payment, for instance or to rate their experience. 

One of the finest features that will immensely assist in the success of outbound campaigns is WebRTC inclusion that permits video chat and conferencing. Speech can appear disembodies but a video chat is like a face to face conversation with gratifying results for both sides. The solution has facility to let agents switch over to video should the called party be in a position to accept such calls. Conferencing permits a supervisor or another agent with specific skills to join the conversation and deliver a delightful experience to convert target into a customer. “WebRTC makes a transcendental difference to the outbound call strategy and customer interaction experience.”

Asterisk Service call center software integrates an advanced campaign planning and implementation solution to automate most of the process while defining parameters such as addressing geographic areas or age groups or income groups. Once defined the system starts initiation at the predefined time and agents can view proceedings on their dashboard. Supervisors can listen in and barge in if required. Calls are recorded for transparency and quality improvement purposes. 

Asterisk Service offers this outbound call center solution as a hosted solution which means you do not have to invest upfront and you can switch it on and off for use when required. When not being used for campaigns the solution can be used to send out automated messages and calls to groups within the organization or for everyday communication. 

Call centers and enterprises interested in switching over to Asterisk Service hosted call center software may get in touch on phone 91 79 40054019, 1-303-997-3139 or chat live on 


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