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Amazon PPC Management: The Appeal Guru Launching Affordable PPC Services for Amazon Seller

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Appeal Guru, an independent UK-based Amazon service provider serving as a hub for Amazon sellers looking for store-related adjustments and improvement, launched an affordable PPC (Pay-per-click) service. Appeal Guru understands the need for PPC campaign adherers for professional management as PPC fees do not come cheap.

What is Amazon PPC?
Amazon’s PPC or more familiarly known as sponsored ads, is an advertising platform aimed at increasing sales for Amazon sellers. The mechanic of this pay-per-click model is you only pay every time an online user clicks your ad. Running a PPC for your store is a huge opportunity to boost sales. With that said, it’s crucial to get your PPC campaign correctly managed and well-optimized. If everything goes well, by then, you get a good organic ranking to benefit your store in the long run. So, where does Appeal Guru’s Amazon PPC Management come into play?

Appeal Guru’s Amazon PPC Management
Appeal Guru knows how formidable it is to manage and convert a PPC campaign into actual sales. This is why they’re extending their Amazon services into an affordable subscription-based PPC management.
With Amazon PPC Management, expect your PPC campaigns to be managed professionally, with sales rising and fewer ACOS. However, because Apppeal Guru is Appeal Guru, they go beyond Amazon PPC management and take the high road of proactively looking at every angle of opportunity that you might have missed.

What are the benefits to look forward to upon subscription?
Appeal Guru’s PPC experts take care of the following basic tasks for you: keyword research, target channels, PPC monitoring, competition analysis, campaign optimization, split testing, and more.
What’s great about these subscription packages is they’re flexible enough to meet your changing demands. For example, you can change (upgrade or downgrade) your subscription with at least one month’s notice.
The minimum contract period of all PPC management subscriptions is as swift as three months. By the book, an Amazon store needs at least 1-2 months of PPC campaign optimization to steadily realize its goals.

About The Appeal Guru:
The Appeal Guru is composed of a team panel of experienced experts who are passionate about your business on Amazon and are keen to help sellers succeed in their online venture and re-establish their suspended accounts if needed.
We have an exceptional unit with proficiency in seller account suspension reinstatement that ensures that the appeal generated for you is the best possible one. Appeal Guru teams have dealt with extreme cases of suspensions lasting from months and years and assisted the sellers out of trouble.
As of date, The Appeal Guru Team renders service for all Amazon domains across the world. We tailor-fit our services and packages according to your requirements integrated with the respective Amazon domain policies. Through our proficiency, dedication and nuanced perspectives, we bring out for you the most needed service conferring to your seller account’s prerequisite.

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