Africa Demolition Contractor Now Offers Sustainable Salvage Deconstruction In Witbank

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In a move to become more sustainable and eco-friendly, Africa Demolition Contractor has announced that they will now be offering salvage deconstruction in Witbank and the surrounding areas in South Africa.

Salvage deconstruction carefully dismantles a structure to reuse as many materials as possible. This contrasts with traditional demolition methods, which simply demolish the structure and send all the rubble to landfills.

Africa Demolition Contractor has always strived to be at the forefront of innovation among all the demolishing companies in South Africa. Thus, this commitment led them to introduce this latest sustainable initiative in salvage deconstruction. This move will help reduce the company’s environmental impact and provide customers with an eco-friendly option for their demolition salvage needs.

Here are some features that people may expect from their sustainable Salvage Deconstruction services

-All materials will be sorted and separated onsite so they can be properly recycled or reused
-Any hazardous materials will be disposed of safely and responsibly
-The company will work with local salvage companies to ensure that as much of the material as possible is reused or recycled
-All the rubble and debris will be taken to a local recycling centre
-A certificate of destruction will be provided to the customer once the job is completed
-The company plans to offer these services at competitive rates
-They also plan to offer a pick-up and delivery service for salvageable materials

For more information about the best demolition contractors in Pretoria, Africa Demolition Contractor and their new sustainable salvage deconstruction services, please visit the website

About Africa Demolition Contractor
Africa Demolition Contractor is a leading demolition contractor in Petrioa, South Africa. They have been in business for several years and have completed uncountable demolition projects across South Africa. Their services include steel demolition, concrete demolition, explosive blasting, tree felling, salvage/deconstruction, etc.

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