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The fissure treatment in Pune has caught the attention of the medical fraternity. Anal fissures, common but often painful conditions, affect millions of people worldwide. In medical science, anal fissures can be defined as small tears in the lining of the anus that can cause severe pain, bleeding, and difficulty passing stool. To deal with this serious health issue and offer personalized and effective treatment to the patients Atharva Hospital has built an expert team of healthcare professionals who specialize in fissure treatment in Pune. In fact, the hospital is the perfect combination of qualified healthcare professionals and advanced technology. This ensures optimal results.

Fissures can afflict anyone at any stage of life; however, they are more common in babies generally. Experts of Atharva Hospital have enlisted the most probable causes of anal fissures, such as passing big or hard feces, persistent diarrhea, Constipation, anal sex, and during delivering a baby. In addition to that, in rare conditions, anal cancer, Tuberculosis, or Syphilis can also be the cause of developing fissures.

The fissures specialist also added that patients may feel a sharp pain in their anus when they poop and it may stay for a while afterward. Bleeding, itchiness surrounding the anal area, and irritation make the situation more horrible to bear for the patients.

Atharva Hospital offers both surgical and non-surgical treatment facilities. A team of expert doctors uses state-of-the-art machines to determine the severity of the wound and then chooses the most suitable treatment for the patients, either surgical or non-surgical, based on that.

In this context, Dr. Sandeep Agarwal, Director of Atharva Hospital told “We are committed to offering advanced fissure treatment in Pune to our patients at affordable rates. We invested heavily in the latest technology and made an experienced team of doctors. Our mission is to provide significant relief and improve the quality of life for people suffering from this painful condition.”

About Atharva Hospital: A decade ago, Atharva Hospital started its journey as a trusted and renowned Healthcare organization in Pune, Maharashtra. Quality and reasonable healthcare services are the priority of Atharva Hospital, which has secured its top rank and garnered over 50 prestigious awards for its attention to patient needs.

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