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Abcodo’s Shorelight Partnership Helps Fulfill the Promise of College in America

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(August 2021) International students have to comply with mounting requirements before they begin their studies overseas. While this may be a very time-consuming process, international students can rely on their destination university to help them fulfill these requirements. Before starting the application, students usually research the admission requirements and deadlines of the institution they are targeting.

According to a survey conducted by the Institute of International Education (IIE), American higher education institutions are increasingly confident that international enrollment and study abroad are poised to begin recovery from the global health crisis in phases. The survey examined the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on international educational exchange to and from the United States and found that U.S. institutions focus on bringing students back to campus.

About 86 percent of the respondents plan some type of in-person study in Fall 2021, and none of the reporting institutions intend to offer virtual instruction only. Hence, it is impossible to argue that online instruction, even when executed exceptionally well, delivers the same quality of education as in-person teaching.

As prospects of getting a degree abroad start to brighten up, students may compete for spots in different colleges and universities. This is an instance where students may experience unnecessary stress or anxiety given the consequences of not fulfilling one or two of the said requirements.

Consider application deadlines alongside entry exams and other required documentation. Depending on which documents and exam scores students need to submit, it can take time to gather everything they need to submit their application.

Shorelight, aside from having top advisors who can assist and make the application process convenient for students, prides itself on its proprietary analytics platform, digital services, collaborative approach, and global infrastructure, all of which result not only in outstanding student experiences but also high-value partnerships. Shorelight provides a technology platform and customized support that enable aspiring students to apply to tailored portfolio schools.

Founded in 2013, Shorelight connects students, universities, and counselors from around the world and helps international students attend top universities in the United States. It is committed to put all students first and anticipate their needs and find solutions for them.

Shorelight advisors also assist international students prepare for their visa interviews. Students are encouraged to schedule their visa interview ahead of time as they may encounter inconvenience in booking slots later on. Shorelight also advises students to pay their tuition and program fees early as this can increase their chances of getting their visa approved. Early payments indicate a student’s capacity to pay and commitment to enroll.

On Aug. 20, 2021, at 3 p.m. IST, Abcodo will be hosting a webinar and will share relevant insights about the ins and outs of international education in the United States. Interested education counselors may register for free here:

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Abcodo is an MSM company that serves as the dedicated recruitment partner of MSM Unify, an all-in-one edtech platform for higher education institutions, agents, and students. As a partner in high-quality recruitment, it offers partner agents and institutions an edge in the competitive market. Abcodo agents access thousands of programs and courses, an expanded pool of institutional partnerships, and attractive commissions. They also get exclusive training and assistance in their agency business through exclusive webinars, events, and resources to make recruitment easier, faster, and simpler.

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