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The a1qa team is conducting the 5th virtual roundtable. This time, on the topic “How to get the most of software development and testing outsourcing.” a1qa invites you to join on the 29th of September at 4 PM UTC+1.

During the session, the attendees will touch upon 3 themes centered on the collaboration with the outsourcing partner (OP) and on the ways to make it more efficient.

1) Picking the most suitable OP: How to make the right decision? What criteria to rely on? What to choose: one OP for multiple projects or several OPs for each one?

2) Working with OPs and managing their performance: What metrics are essential for monitoring the process, and how to reach maximum transparency?

3) Ways, helping ensure that the work is done well, on time, and within the budget: Is it necessary to design a tough contract to get the desired results?

“Being a pivotal part of software development, QA helps minimize business risks when rolling out high-quality IT products. However, setting up effective workflows is challenging. How to reduce investments in hiring, onboarding, and training QA experts while creating the right test infrastructure? This is where you may rely on QA outsourcing,” Dima Tish, Head of global business development at a1qa, shared his opinion.

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Being a pure-play QA vendor with almost 2 decades of experience, a1qa has served over 800+ global companies across telecom, IT and software development, BFSI, eHealth, government, etc. 1,100+ in-house QA professionals help clients accelerate go-to-market time, mitigate business risks, decrease operational expenditure, and more. a1qa’s quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.


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