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7 Fundamental Metrics You Need To Understand To Create A More Profitable Digital Marketing Campaign

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You don’t have to study everything about analyzing the digital marketing metrics, but yes, you can always learn the basics of whatever your digital marketing campaign has and must understand a few points on how an integral combustion engine works to drive sales. And this is exactly identical for your business, you don’t need to indulge yourself in every possible marketing process, and for that, you can reach out to the best digital marketing agency in Delhi.

Here’s a list of the metrics we will be guiding you through:

1. Cost per Lead – CPL

The first step to any marketing campaign is to estimate how much is each lead costing you, for that you want to obtain the enthusiastic customer’s name and email. Later on, your sales team takes the charge and tries to generate sales from those leads. You can easily calculate this by analyzing how much are you paying for your ads and in return on average how many leads are you generating. To help you in creating a detailed report for this you can contact the best digital marketing agency in Delhi.

2. Lead Close Rate- LCR

Your LCR is the rate at which your leads persuade a sale. Having more leads is amazing, but it isn’t that effective if you’re not converting sales from them because after all, you need sales, not leads?
Don’t worry! Need more and better leads to improve your CPL and LCR%? That’s when the best digital marketing agency in Delhi jumps in!

3. Conversion Rates by Channel

When you hire a leading digital marketing agency, they perform SWOT analysis and compare all the channels where the spending or advertising is happening and henceforth they help you identify where your money is getting invested and where it is getting wasted.

4. Cost per Acquisition – CPA

This is the method where you analyze the cost of a new customer and his/her contribution to a specific campaign. Under this metric, the digital marketing agency that you hire will determine the CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) to classify how much this new client can contribute more over their lifetime with you.

5. Landing Page Performance

It is not your homepage or contact page, but a page that is specially curated to generate leads for your new campaign, and when you want to scrutinize landing page performance you must hire a digital marketing agency in Delhi who would help to identify these important points:

● Landing Page Views

● Sessions by Source

● Goal Completions/Conversions.

● Visitors-to-Contact Ratio

● Average Time on Page

● Bounce Rate

● Pages Per Session.

● Top Pages By Pageviews.

6. Average Order Value (AOV)

AOV is the information on the average amount a consumer spends on their order. That assists you to calculate your future funds according to your quantity of leads and cost per acquisition. Let the experts at the leading digital marketing agency in Delhi, help you with that.

7. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

CLV is the total excellence of your customers throughout their entire association with you. Think of it as a numerical indicator of customer loyalty. This is another factor that needs to be analyzed during different stages of your digital marketing campaign.

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