5 Foods To Eat If You Have Hepatitis

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Let us aim to attract world attention to the widespread problem of viral hepatitis and inspire action to combat it. It is also an opportunity to get the word out about the benefits of testing for hepatitis and the foods which can be consumed for recovery. Hepatitis is an umbrella term to describe the inflammation of the liver. Viral hepatitis can happen due to five types of viruses. Hepatitis can be acute, rising suddenly, or chronic, staying on for long with milder symptoms but increasingly damaging the liver as Hepatitis affects the liver.

While it can be caused by viruses (viral hepatitis), it can also be caused because of chemicals, drugs (drug-induced hepatitis), alcohol (alcoholic hepatitis), certain genetic disorders or an overactive immune system attacking the liver (autoimmune hepatitis). Dr Manish Tiwari, Gastroenterologist, Shalby Multispecialty Hospitals Jabalpur, shares five foods that are beneficial for the liver and should be included in one’s diet.

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