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Stainless steel is a prominent material in numerous sectors due to its high corrosion resistance, flexibility, and durability. The 422 stainless steel is one of the most noticeable types. This kind of stainless steel is renowned for its strength and resilience at high temperatures.

Tough Alloys is a prominent Stainless Steel 422 Round Bar manufacturer in India. We provide 422 Stainless Steel Round Bars used in the engineering industry. As an established SS 422 Round Bar provider sourced from top raw materials, we guarantee the supply of high-quality items that satisfy industry requirements. We also provide our consumers with excellent service. We are also a leading stainless steel 422 rods supplier in India.

What is 422 Stainless Steel?
422 Stainless Steel bar is a martensitic stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance widely utilised in industrial and architectural applications. It is simple to work with and maybe toughened for further durability. Its outstanding resistance to chloride-induced stress corrosion cracking makes it an excellent choice for maritime settings, swimming pools, medical instruments, and food processing equipment.

SS 422 Chemical Composition
422 stainless steel offers outstanding mechanical qualities, making it appropriate for high-temperature and challenging applications. Its ultimate tensile strength ranges from 1033 to 1207 MPa, whereas its yield strength is between 827-965 MPa. The alloy has a modulus of elasticity of 210 GPa, contributing to its excellent stress tolerance. For more, check the Round Bar Weight Chart.

422 Stainless Steel bar Physical Properties
422 stainless steel is well-known for its magnetic characteristics, making it perfect for applications requiring it. Its density is 7.8g/cm3, and its heat conductivity is around 23 Watts/meter Kelvin. It has a coefficient of thermal expansion of around 11.5×10-6/K.

Uses and Application of 422 Stainless Steel
This steel grade is widely utilised in several sectors, including aerospace, petrochemical, and power generation. Its tremendous strength makes it perfect for producing engine components such as blades, rotors, and shafts. It is also utilised to produce heat exchangers and nozzle-guiding vanes.

Heat Treatment on SS 422 Round Bar
The heat treatment procedure for 422 stainless steel entails heating the steel to 980-1040°C, followed by quenching in oil or air. This process increases the material’s strength and toughness by converting the austenitic structure to a martensitic one. We are also a significant supplier of Stellite 6b Round Bar.

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In conclusion, 422 stainless steel is essential for applications requiring great strength and toughness at high temperatures. It has wide applications in the aerospace, petrochemical, and power-generating sectors. Its superior corrosion resistance makes it an excellent material for severe situations. The 422 stainless steel suppliers are highly machinable but need specific equipment and processes. Welding this steel type is complex and necessitates specific procedures to guarantee its qualities are intact. With its distinct qualities and numerous applications, 422 stainless steel is unquestionably one of the most essential metals in the industrial business.

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