3-Channel A/B Switch with Cat5e Compliance Securely Switches Network Connections or Devices

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Electro Standards Laboratories of Cranston, Rhode Island has been in the electronics business over 45 years and has developed several product lines of electronic switching products throughout the years. The model 9444 is the newest addition to the LineSelect product line and is certified for Cat5e compliance. This unit offers quick, convenient, and secure access to any two Cat5e RJ45 Ethernet networks/devices for each of its 3 channels by allowing simultaneous switching from ports A or B without unplugging and plugging cables. Since the unit is manually controlled by turning a knob, it is a lower cost, more reliable and secure compared to other network switching alternatives. Model 9444 is part of Electro Standards Laboratories’ LineSelect product line that provide reliable, secure switching without any power required for a cost effective and secure approach for your network.

This LineSelect switcher allows a quick connection from one COMMON RJ45 port to be shared among either of two RJ45 ports, A or B for each of its 3 Channels. The A or B switch position will be indicated by the front panel rotary knob. The unit is controlled manually via the front panel mounted rotary selector knob. The rotary knob switches all three channels simultaneously from A to B positions or B to A positions. All 8 pins of the RJ45 interface are switched via break-before-make rotary switch. Ideal for use in sharing devices with ethernet/RJ45 connections such as IP Cameras, Smart TV’s, PC’s and other computer peripherals with RJ45 connections. Typical applications include manual fallback switching from one network to another for up to (3) devices/computers.

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