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Yatharth Marketing Solutions provides sales training to Insurance B2B companies

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Mr. Mihir Shah
402, City Center, Opp. Shukan Mall, Science City
Gujarat 380060 

From automotive to corporate to digital to now insurance companies, all suffer from selling their services and products to other business companies.

Yatharth Marketing Solutions is ready to provide Sales Training to everyone. After existing for six years in the sales training sector they are now India’s #1 Sales Training Company. 

Many B2B companies require insurance when they keep goods stored in their godowns. The insurance is used if the goods get damaged or if a calamity occurs in the godown. 

Mihir Shah- India’s Top Sales Trainer helps insurance companies to sell their insurance policies to companies that operate in the B2B sector.

What format is followed in the Sales Training?

Yatharth Marketing Solutions have their own USP. Their USP is giving a customized product based Sales Training. The sales training is given to the insurance companies on the basis of the insurance policy they are selling.

During the Sales Training, Mihir Shah has a Question & Answer session. In this Q&A Session, the salesmen can ask all the questions they have in their minds. Mihir leaves no question unanswered to clear all the doubts of the salesmen.

The Q&A is then followed by a foreplay activity. The foreplay activity is where Mihir’s team plays the role of Salesmen and shows the actual salesmen the proper procedure to follow when they are selling the insurance policies.

Now the most important thing about this customized sales training is that Yatharth Marketing Solutions puts a lot of time and dedication in studying the client’s product and the organization. This makes it easy for them to give  Sales Training.

Something more about Mihir Shah.

Mihir Shah is the founder of Yatharth Marketing Solutions. He founded the company in 2014. The biggest reason for him to Start the organization was to help corporate companies with improving their Sales. 

He has an enormous amount of experience in Sales. He has used his Sales experience in his Sales training. His goal is to help each and every corporate sales company. Currently, he is focusing on providing his services to Insurance companies. He cares about all businesses and he knows the insurance companies can save B2B sales companies from facing losses on damaged goods.


About Yatharth Marketing Solutions.

The best place to get all the information about Yatharth Marketing Solutions is on their website. The website has all the details about Yatharth Marketing Solution.

The website has different sections and is user friendly. There are details about pricing, services, clients, personal blogs, company history, etc. 

You can also see how open they are about their organization. There is complete transparency and nothing is hidden from their potential clients., this is the link to the website and I think you should not waste time if you are looking for Sales Training for your Insurance company.

To conclude all I would say is that if you are an insurance company you should not go anywhere else but Yatharth Marketing Solutions for Sales Training. They will surely Up your Sales results by big numbers.

For all my readers if you found this success story interesting and want to read more stories like these then let me know below in the comment section.

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