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Yatharth Marketing Solutions Delivers Corporate Sales Training in Mumbai

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Mumbai is called the busiest city in India. Like other busy cities of the World, Mumbai is a big business hub. After demonetization was enforced in the year 2016, corporate organizations have found it difficult to make big profits.

Mumbai seemed to be in great need of an efficient Corporate Sales Training Company. So Mihir Shah- India’s #1 Sales Trainer, decided to bring his Sales training company, Yatharth Marketing Solutions to Mumbai.

Mihir Shah knows the Sales market better than most people, so he was confident that he could help the Corporate Organizations in Mumbai.

1. Why did they Focus Mumbai?
Mumbai is the place to get your business a boom. Yet many corporate organizations had seen a decline in Sales. Corporate organizations needed a Sales guide or a sales mentor to help them out.

Yatharth Marketing was already at its peak of success, so the organizations in Mumbai knew that there was a savior in the market.

According to Mihir Shah, he did not really take Mumbai as a target. Instead, he felt that he needed to help the corporate organizations with his Sales training service. For him it is not the money that comes first, his main aim is to improve the Sales market.

So Mihir Shah then finally decided that he needed to enter the Mumbai Sales Market with his Sales Training company.

2. What were the challenges they faced?
Yatharth Marketing is not a small Sales Training Organization. So for them to start off in a new city was not very difficult. But everything is good only in heaven. So yes they did face some challenges when they came into Mumbai.

So the biggest challenge that YMS faced was that there were excess clients. For most people, this would be a plus point. With YMS it got difficult because they invest a lot of time in their Sales training.

The customized Sales Training that they give requires a detailed study of the product and the organization. So to give Sales Training to 100 corporate organizations at the same time is impossible.

Mihir Shah did not expect such a positive response from Mumbai so he knew he had to do something to get things right.

3. How did they make their breakthrough?
So now that they had got into this tight situation they had to get out of it. So Mihir Shah decided that he would have his Sales training in Mumbai every second week. Like this, he could provide his Sales training service to every corporate organization in Mumbai.

Once he enforced his twice a month visit to Mumbai to give Sales Training, YMS had taken off in Mumbai. Once YMS makes a breakthrough they don’t see problems or challenges again.

Mihir Shah is the best when it comes to Sales training and the corporate companies of Mumbai know that very well. So they too surely did not want to miss out on YMS’s sales training.

4. Where do they Stand in today’s time?
After all the changes that had to be made to the Sales training schedule, the Corporate organizations have cooperated well.

In today’s time, YMS is the #1 Sales Training company in Mumbai. There are times when Mihir Shah has to make Three visits in a month.

The corporate companies who received Sales training from Yatharth Marketing Solutions are extremely happy and are on their way to Sales success.

It’s not only Mumbai but Yatharth Marketing Solutions is providing Sales training in Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, etc. They are all over the country, helping as many Corporate countries as they can.

Any corporate organization who has been having a bad sales period, I have shown you the way to reach your savior. You can get their contact details on their website,

You can also approach them via social media: Twitter- @yatharthmk, Facebook- Yatharth Marketing Solution, Instagram-

So that is all about Yatharth Marketing Solutions venture in Mumbai and how they are now the biggest and best Sales Training company in Mumbai. Not only Mumbai but they are now India’s #1 Sales Training Company.

If you are taken back by the story and it has given you profitable knowledge, let me know in the comments. Also, tell me if you want to read more stories like this.

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