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Wooden Street Introduces Brilliance of Art to the Abode with Different Designs of Room Dividers

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Start-Up: Wooden Street
Founders: Lokendra Ranawat, Virendra Ranawat
Year It was Founded: 2015
Location: Udaipur
Section: Furniture E-Commerce
Unique Selling Point: Custom Made Furniture

There were those good old days when a step to another room meant a full wall with a small door. But now there are these awesome days when walls are short, designer and the trendiest to bedeck the simplistic into the most stylish with the usage of snazzy room dividers.

Wooden Street has instigated an outstanding range of room dividers with so many voguish designs that one can’t get eyes over it. There are room dividers with small height as well as tall ones. And broadness of room dividers is commendable, which makes it worth using as a room partition as well as a comfy dressing in the bedroom.

All the room dividers from the Wooden Street collection are forged in mango wood. Along with it, there are available several finishes of honey, mahogany, natural, white as well as multi-colored. With so many finishes in room partitions, it becomes extremely easy to choose the one that contrasts the best with the abode.

Not only do room dividers at Wooden Street flourish in colors and wooden shades, but some designs are worth sighting at. There are room dividers with designs and patterns that express its inspiration well. Some of the designs of room dividers are explained below:

1. Intricate Designs:
Room dividers with intricate designs over it are said to be the groovy to deck in the abode. It can be an ideal room partition as neither does it allow ease to see from both the sides nor does it make the wall lame.
Wooden Street has one such room partition called Alexander room partition. This room partition is painted in white that makes it bright and beautiful while there are intricate patterns that are neatly carved over it that make it more smashing.

2. Traditional Designs:
For a completely traditional look, there are room partitions that are designed taking inspiration from the same. It is the choices of colors and patterns that influence a traditional aura out of the appeal of the room dividers.
Example of it is Phoenix Room Partition from Wooden Street. This room partition is painted in black and is printed with bold floral patterns followed by intricate frames. The combination of the hue and designs make it an epitome of a traditional room divider.

3. Artistic Designs:
Those people whose knack for being artistic can never end; there are room dividers that can completely fulfill their inner peace of art.
Just like Wooden Street has Knoll Room Partition. It is one with bold and creative patterns all over the room divider that makes it the most artistic furniture.

4. Sober Designs:
Lastly comes the sober room dividers with designs that are sleek yet stylish.
For instance, Wooden Street has Vitra room partition, which is one with a steady design. The room divider holds vertical slated patterns that make it look captivating. Moreover, one cannot see through the other side because of the way it is closely bound.
These are some of the designs of room dividers that depict how fancy can room dividers be. Also, Wooden Street offers “customization” services so that one gets exactly what they have thought for their home.

These are some of the designs of room dividers that ensure that you get the one that can contrast the best with your home.

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