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Why HDFC Mutual Fund has come to Limelight in the Indian Fiscal Market?

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Human brain is nature’s biggest marvel. It is capable of doing things that are even vague to our imagination. Take for instance, hallucinations. Did you know there are not one but many types of hallucinations, including those of smell, sound and vision?

Talking about the real world, the human brain has invented things beyond an average thought, just like the online investment in mutual funds. A couple of decades ago, who would have thought that investing in top mutual fund companies like HDFC Mutual Fund could be done sitting at home, flipping your fingers on a 5 inch glass a.k.a. your smartphone?

But, it has become possible now with the power of technology and the sincere efforts of fintech companies, such as MySIPonline. This Indian startup took the finance industry to storm when it combined the prowess of investing with the might of the internet.

There’s a lot to know about this online mutual fund investment giant. Stay tuned to unfold some ravishing facts!

The Backdrop

Started at the dusk of 2014, MySIPonline’s journey has been similar to one of those fairy tales where everything goes on smoothly, because it has indeed went on smooth for this company. In a span of merely two years, the company was able to grasp a hold of more than 40, 000 customers, grabbing national attention as a consequence.

The reason for this success, as stated by the COO and the Co-founder of MySIPonline Mr. Virendra Singh Ranawat, is the honest hard work and unshakable determination of the team. “There hasn’t been a day at MySIPonline”, states Mr. Ranawat, “where we haven’t thought of challenging our calibre and talent. This is what stays at the womb of our company. From a team size of 5 guys who had recently completed college to a workforce of more than 200, we have grew exponentially because of our dedication and sincerity.”

Coming to HDFC Mutual Fund

If you have ever been associated, in anyway, with mutual fund investments or the money market in general, there’s a 99.99% chance that you have heard of HDFC MF. Since it is one of the most powerful asset management companies not only in India but across the globe, it’s always on the favourite list of experts and investment gurus. Why this fund house gained so much popularity is explained in these points below: –

-Amazing Coverage

Normally, the market offers what is trending the most. For instance, if there’s a lot of movement towards small cap funds, you’d see a tsunami of funds being released in this category and the rest gets overshadowed. But, not with HDFC Mutual Funds. The fund house has been known to offer products across all segments of investments, thus adding more mileage to the investment regime by covering a wider audience.

-Expert Analysis

Not any products but only those products that have successfully passed the peeled eyes of the fund managers are released in the market. The fund managers analyse the funds past performance matching it with the market movements, take corrective actions where necessary, and adjust the strategies from time to time as per the market scenario.

-Great Results

Some of the best schemes of HDFC Mutual Funds offered in India have outperformed the benchmark and the peers not once, but many times. They have yielded results that went up to as high as 22% in a five year horizon – a decent sum of money for a little wait. So, if you practice some good judgements, incorporate your financial advisor’s advice and decide to make a cohesive portfolio, there’s an entire goldmine waiting for you to excavate.

-Higher Scope

Though 2018 was a bit disappointing for the equity investors, 2019 has brought some hopes to cheer up. Reports say that the market is soon (maybe in the last quarter of 2018, or maybe the first quarter of 2019) going to recover from the dive and will climb higher and produce good results. Hence, now is the best time to invest in the top mutual funds of HDFC Mutual Funds, since most of them are selling cheap and are likely to get more expensive with the upward movement of the market.

The Role of MySIPonline

Trusted by thousands, MySIPonline is the perfect place to get your investments sorted. Whether you desire a high energy portfolio consisting of the top equity mutual funds of HDFC MF, or is it the debt fund that you desire to add in your portfolio, MySIPonline has everything posted on its website. All you need to do is make a free account on this website, add in your favourite funds in the cart, and checkout securely. And, ta-da! You’re now ready to get rich!

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