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Which is better? Pro Organic Vs other Fertilizers

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In my opinion, gardening symbolizes laying roots to build a society to call home by planting a seed to becoming one of the most popular hobbies in the world right now. According to Britannica, it can be considered an art and many find it relaxing and it has come a long way because it evolved throughout the years and became more science-based.

I think one of the biggest innovations in gardening is fertilizer since it helps with the growth of plants. Thanks to fertilizers the so-called “Green Revolution” in the 60s and 70s wouldn’t have happened.

Since then, there are a lot of fertilizers in the market that can be bought. According to the global usage of fertilizers from 46.31 metric tons in 1965 to 190.81 metric tons in 2019.From Inorganic, Synthetic, to Organic, different kinds of fertilizers exist but there is a new kind of Fertilizer that is making the buzz in the gardening industry. It was even featured in an article over here and it is called Pro Organic Lawn Fertilizer.

Pro Organic Lawn Fertilizer is a vegan fertilizer from Shin Nong that wants to redefine the word ‘Organic’ in fertilizer. There are advantages to using this product in the garden here are main take aways:

1. It Is Easy to StoreStoring fertilizer is not easy because according to, a you need to have your own fertilizer stable. It doesn’t matter whether it’s organic or inorganic, it will take up a lot of space in the yard whether they like it or not.

Absorbing moisture or creating toxic gas is not a problem with Pro Organic Lawn Fertilizer. Each bag contains 22 lbs of pellet fertilizers so they can be stored easily in the backyard.

2. Safety is one of the Key Elements
A long-term side effect of using inorganic fertilizer can affect your body whether you use inorganic fertilizer safely or not. Nitrate levels can be found in some water supplies and can cause different health problems.

According to Nandita Basu, a professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences and Civil and Environmental Engineering, “A large portion of the nitrogen applied as fertilizer has remained unaccounted for over the last decades, the fact that nitrogen is being stored in the soil means it can still be a source of elevated nitrate levels long after fertilizers are no longer being applied.”

That won’t come up when using Pro Organic Fertilizer since it is made from vegan materials such as Castor Meal, Rice Bran, and Natural Minerals. It can be easily used by children who are wanting to go into gardening.

3. How Much Nutrients Are The Plants Getting
The four main ingredients in an inorganic fertilizer are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Sulfur. From time to time, they’ll include some micronutrients in the mix to help the growth of the plant. It affects the plants in a way that they’ll grow much faster but the only downside is that it doesn’t affect the soil around it.

When it comes to taking care of the plant and the soil around it, organic fertilizers like the Pro Organic Lawn Fertilizer are definitely the best. It not only helps the plant but also helps improve the water movement of the soil to have a better garden.

VerdictShin Nong is here to prove itself one of the most effective fertilizers and to change the gardening and fertilizer industry. That’s why they have a range of products including the Pro Organic Lawn Fertilizer in the link

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